Ocean Outdoor partners with TAP to share thanks messages


Out of home specialist Ocean Outdoor has teamed-up with social platform TAP to offer thank you messages to frontline workers.

Messages of thanks are being sent to frontline NHS staff, teachers and other key workers. They’re being shared on digital out of home advertising screens across the Midlands and North West.

TAP thanks messages

Together, the firms will share local and relevant messages around Manchester and Birmingham for two weeks from the 4 May.

These include individual messages of thanks to Manchester Children’s Hospital and City Hospital, Birmingham.

“We realised that we could use TAP to enable the outpouring of thanks to those amazing key workers during this crisis”, said Matt Findel-Hawkins, CEO of TAP.

“When we launched the Thanking Wall we didn’t know what to expect but the response has been amazing.

On TAP: Ocean’s DOOH boards feature public’s messages sent via the TAP social platform.

“Our challenge now will be to make showing our thanks and appreciation the ‘new normal’ when the COVID19 crisis passes.

“We are grateful that Ocean Outdoor is supporting TAP through providing their media to share these messages around Manchester and Birmingham”.

Unique platform

The user generated content campaign is powered by TAP (Thank And Praise), a unique social thanking platform that has extended its existing platform to launch a free-to-use Digital Thanking Wall.

The platform enables anyone to post messages of appreciation for the courageous and selfless people and organisations working in healthcare and the NHSeducation and other areas.

The platform’s goal is to unite the nation by collecting more than 10,000 messages; then share them with workers, their colleagues and employers.

Since late March, hundreds of personal messages have been collected from around the UK. Moreover, the social platform has received more than 600,000 visits to its channels.