Numan encourages UK to test blood fearlessly in new campaign

Numan blood campaign

Numan, the online health clinic, has launched a new advertising campaign that encourages men to test their blood fearlessly.

The campaign, which spans TV and digital, challenges people to see how healthy they really are. 

It’s to promote Numan’s home diagnostic finger-prick blood tests, which provide insights on key biometric markers, such as hormone and vitamin levels, cholesterol and thyroid function. 

Numan blood tests

Put simply, blood tests provide a snapshot of what’s happening inside your body so you can make lifestyle choices that benefit your health and wellbeing.

With surging COVID cases making face-to-face appointments problematic, it’s increasingly difficult to have a full blood test on the NHS. 

But Numan offers an alternative, providing a fast and convenient home-testing solution that can help optimise performance by reducing the fear of the unknown.

The 30 second TV ad, created in house at Numan, is set as if we are submerged in blood. 

The voiceover, from The Last Kingdom and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla star Magnus Bruun, tells us that “we don’t choose what we face in life, but we do choose how we face it” as a Great White Shark emerges and swims ominously towards the audience to the sound of a thumping heart. 

As the shark moves away, the voiceover invites us to “confront our health issues fearlessly” and a series of fast edits demonstrates how quick and easy taking the finger-prick test is along with an example of a user’s results. 

“Bring us your blood,” the voiceover concludes.

Finally, the ad reveals that even the price – which includes a review from a clinician and starts from £98 – is nothing to fear, with the test being free if no health issues are found.

Once an order has been placed, the test is delivered usually within 24 hours. The customer draws their blood sample using the finger prick equipment provided and then posts it back free of charge, where it’s processed by a UKAS approved lab. 

Results are returned just 3-5 days later, and the customer receives expert feedback from a clinician based on the outcome, supporting them along every step of their journey.

Life-saving tests

Dr Luke Pratsides, Lead GP at Numan, said: “Our blood tests can be quite literally life-saving. I recently did a telephone clinic with a patient who, having seen his GP because he was feeling a little off, was sent away because he was a young, fit man who had no specific symptoms, and at the time there was a national blood bottle shortage. 

“His results from us showed an abnormal liver function – which were forwarded on to his GP, and he received an urgent appointment with a specialist.”

“There is value in a regular asymptomatic check as it can pick up signs of disease early before symptoms appear or too much damage occurs. 

“The earlier any intervention or treatment is started the better for conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, poor kidney, liver or thyroid function.”

numan blood test cost

Numan’s Founder and CEO Sokratis Papafloratos said: “At Numan, we do whatever it takes to encourage men to do something about their health. Our blood can tell us so much – but with that comes a sense of fear; fear of the unknown. 

“This campaign is about inspiring and enabling men to fearlessly confront what their blood can tell them about their health – which can have life-changing, not to mention lifesaving, results.

“Currently, the NHS is under strain like never experienced before and it can be difficult to get into the system unless you are presenting with clear symptoms. 

“Our tests help fill the void, improving access to healthcare and acting quickly to pick up severe illness early when it’s still treatable.”

The campaign launched on 4 January across TV and digital, with the TV ads available to watch here.

Numan is a leading digital male healthcare company in Europe and has helped hundreds of thousands of customers in the UK to date. 

As well as at-home blood testing, Numan offers treatment for erectile dysfunction, hair loss and offers personalised supplements.

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