NUK claim first with temperature-control ads by Wunderman Thompson France

nuk thermosensitive campaign

Global baby brand, NUK, and Wunderman Thompson France have launched the first temperature-controlled ads to bring NUK’s leading Temperature Control technology to parents on-the-go.

Using thermosensitive ink, Wunderman Thompson France has created a collection of coasters, stickers, flyers and print ads for parents to test the temperature of the milk before giving it to their baby.

NUK thermosensitive ads

To capture the public’s attention, Wunderman Thompson France has brought the thermosensitive ink to life with the NUK Safety Squad, a cast of characters with a little bear, a bug, a sweetheart, monster and two delicious muffins, so parents can test the temperature of their milk on these little monsters. 

Parents can put a drop of milk into the mouth of one of creatures in the image and if the milk is too hot, a warning message will appear. So, parents can feed their babies with a peace of mind.

Bora Sejdini, Brand Activation Associate Manager at NUK commented: “For newborn parents, even the most basic things can sometimes become a source of stress. 

“When parents are far from home for example, warming up the feeding bottle at the right temperature can be challenging especially while baby is hungry. 

NUK safety squad temp control ads
Safety squad: NUK’s new campaign by Wunderman Thompson France.

“This is why NUK created NUK FIRST CHOICE +, a Temperature Control feeding bottle that warns parents when milk is too hotUnfortunately, not all parents have this amazing bottle and yet, parents need to heat their milk when they’re on-the-go. 

“Wunderman Thompson France has brought this technology to the world through their innovative solution that turns print ads into real-life product demos. 

“We’re delighted to share this with parents no matter what brand they use as NUK takes care of all babies.”

Adrien Mancel, Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson France added: “After months of research, we’ve been able to apply NUK’s revolutionary Temperature Control Technology to paper and create a campaign that would allow NUK to live their purpose of protecting all babies. 

“This technology is now available to parents on-the-go to help them protect their little monsters, muffins, sweethearts, and bears, from the risk of burns and giving them peace of mind.”