Not Done Yet – Sure launches global brand platform by AMV BBDO

NOT DONE YET Sure Unilever by AMV BBDO

This year, to support the launch of the new Sure Nonstop Protection range, Sure has launched Not Done Yet, a new global brand platform created by AMV BBDO. 

The campaign breaks this week in the US and will be launched in the UK in early April. 

By the end of the year, the work will be live in North and South America, Europe and South-East Asia.

Sure is known as Degree in the US and Rexona in the rest of the world, and claimed to be the UK’s No.1 antiperspirant and deodorant brand. 

Sure – Not Done Yet

To introduce the brand’s new positioning, AMV BBDO has created an integrated suite of content, comprising TV, online video, social, print and outdoor, that spans different executions, channels, and formats according to each market. 

“Not Done Yet”, directed by the celebrated screenwriter and director, Darius Marder, whose work includes Sound of Metal and A Place Beyond the Pines, kicks off the new brand platform.

The film breaks down the barriers to movement, challenging conventions and inspiring the next generation of movers – everyday athletes and professional sports communities alike. 

The message is brought to life by a diverse street cast: Lya is a professional drummer who has played at leading venues like Ronnie Scott’s and festivals such as Glastonbury.

Jesse is the first blind rock climber to lead the ascent of Old Man of Hoy in Scotland. Patrick, ‘The Legend of Bethnal Green’, is a grandfather who is also an internationally renowned competitive weightlifter and now professional coach.

Khadijah is a black belt in kickboxing and Muay Thai who is teaching women to defend themselves amid rising hate crime and islamophobia. Fernanda is a plus-size mother-of-three who started giving dance classes in Brazil when she was 16 to support her family whilst studying in the evening.

Kieron is a father of three young boys and Robert, is a Namibian born skater and sailor with a condition called Sacral Agenesis, which has stunted the growth of his legs.

Kathryn Swallow, Global Brand VP at Sure, said: “We believe in the power of movement to transform lives and that everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, mental and social benefits movement brings. 

“As the world’s number one antiperspirant and deodorant brand, we are proud to make products that keep millions of people staying fresh while on the move – but are committed to going further”.

“Society mostly celebrates winners, not tryers, creating a negative cycle of failure and diminished motivation. 

“Life is about trying, moving, failing, pushing through self-doubts, and breaking limits. 

“However, the confidence to do this is not distributed equally. Societal fitness standards are fuelling self-doubt that stops so many of us from moving freely. 

“We’re on a mission to change that. We are fighting for a world where everyone has the confidence to move more, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, disability, and body shape”.

Jim Hilson, Deputy ECD at AMV BBDO added: “No one got anywhere that mattered without stress and discomfort. Not Done Yet is the attitude that helps everybody move forward. 

“It’s that extra bit of confidence to help break through your plateau, whatever that is, to get somewhere new. 

“Everyone is feeling like they need a bit of resilience and grit to go again after the two years we have just had. 

“No Done Yet and the renewed energy of the iconic Tick work beyond sport and the traditional efficacy areas for our product. 

“And thanks to the amazing Darius Marder and team, the final result just shows us how empathetic and emotional that idea can be.”

A local campaign to showcase the benefits of new Sure Nonstop Protection will be activated in the UK in April. 

It will be supported by TV, online video, social and influencer campaign as well as activated through partnerships with Sure’s key football partners, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Inspiring confidence

Sure said it is committed to inspiring the confidence in everyone to move beyond limits. From depictions in advertising and portrayals across social media, to the people we encounter in our everyday lives, society offers a narrow view of what an everyday mover should be. 

Being told we are too old, not athletic enough, don’t have the right body shape or are the wrong gender, ability or race fuels self-doubt, impacting our confidence to move.

It is these preconceived ability standards and stereotyped notions of what it means to be a ‘mover’ that hold people back from experiencing the transformative benefits of movement. 

On a mission to change this mindset and empower people to reclaim their right to move, Sure is advocating for more diverse representation in the movement industry through the Not Done Yet platform.