Noisily and E1MA launch fundraiser to save event

Noisily 2

Noisily, the popular 6,000 person underground electronic music festival and its partner agency E1MA has launched a fundraiser to raise £150,000 to help save the much-loved festival so it can return in 2021.

Due to the current pandemic, Noisily 2020 has been cancelled and postponed until 8 – 11 July 2021, in Coney Woods.

As with all independent festivals, Noisily have had good and bad years; but following significant internal restructuring and revised ticketing structures, this was the year to balance their books, the firm said.

Noisily 1
Let the music play: Festival hopes to save itself with fundraising support.

However, postponing the event to 2021 without a financial intervention comes with uncertainty for the future.

The team is asking those who have bought a ticket to the 2020 event and are able to forfeit and donate their ticket to ensure that the event can happen in 2021 can do so via the fundraiser page.

Alongside also offering those who don’t have a ticket the chance to support the cause as well.

Donation amounts include

  • £20 – Entry into a Boutique camping raffle
  • £50 – Early Entry on the Thursday – arrive 2 hours early on Thursday to bag the best camping spots
  • £100 – Noisily 2020 t-shirt, “The Year That Never Was” & a £50 bar tab & a ticket to Ozora Event at the Steelyard on the 29th of September
  • £300 – A Warm up slot on one of the main stages of your choice for you or a friend, (only three per stage available (9 total); please state your chosen genre – 1 gone on the Noisily stage already)
  • £500 – Collection from the gate, fast track queue and delivery with your stuff to the campsite.
  • £1000 – A limited-edition high-quality series of printed Noisily artwork year 1 – 9, including Noisily Paisley shirts and other historic Noisily merch
  • £2500 – Your own little secret covered hidey hole for you and your friends in an area of your choosing (depending on your favourite stage) for when you need a break from the dancefloor.
  • £5000 – A buggy with driver for you and 2 friends all weekend
  • £10,000 – The Noisily Megapack – A Buggy with Driver all weekend; a lifetime pair of Tickets to Noisily; all of the historic merch mentioned above and £500 bar tab.