NOBODY SEES LIKE YOU: ZEISS launches global brand initiative


Optical systems firm ZEISS has launched a new campaign called NOBODY SEES LIKE YOU, created by Jung von Matt SPREE.

With a newly developed communication idea from lead agency Jung von Matt SPREE, ZEISS wants to further establish itself as a consumer brand on the global market for vision care and eye health, the firm said.

This is a milestone in the history of the company, which has previously focused primarily on the B2B market.

ZEISS has been a pioneer in the fields of ophthalmology and optometry for many years, yet the company is a relative unknown to most consumers in many markets.


The communication idea NOBODY SEES LIKE YOU is based on the insight that seeing is absolutely individual. Even if we all look at the same thing, we perceive things differently.

This is how we experience a world that is unique for everyone – depending on emotions, experiences and personality. Jung von Matt SPREE demonstrates that ZEISS understands vision like no other company and offers solutions for every need.

“Thanks to the strength of our expanding collaboration between ZEISS Vision Care and ZEISS Medical Technology, we are charting a new path ahead for people of all ages around the world to better understand our comprehensive vision care solutions for all stages of life”, said Ana Neves, Head of OPT Strategic Marketing at ZEISS Medical Technology.

The portfolio of the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics and ophthalmic solutions ranges from spectacle lenses to advanced laser technology.

Within the data-based integrated campaign, NOBODY SEES LIKE YOU Jung von Matt brings the ZEISS brand to life at all funnel entry points.

With a strong focus on all digital channels, social media, (D)OOH and POS – TVCs and print ads will be activated depending on the market.

The global full-funnel toolbox is thereby specifically trans-created for market requirements. The B2C initiative has been rolled out in the US market since June 2023, and in Brazil, India, South Korea and Australia since August 2023.

Starting in 2024, the campaign will also gradually extend into further countries in Europe, Asia, South and North America and MENA.

“We are pleased to take the first step with JvM in our long-term global B2C initiative. Our goal is to evolve from a global technology leader to a premium global brand”, Jesper Wiegandt, CMO ZEISS Vision Care, said of the corporate strategy.

“ZEISS inspires us every day with its engineering spirit and drive for innovation. We are proud to make their extraordinary products and solutions visible and to help many more people realise their full visual potential.

“Not only in Germany, but all over the world”, adds Sven Rebholz, Managing Director at Jung von Matt, on the task given to the agency.

The new communication idea also serves as a narrative platform for the diverse and fascinating stories of individual protagonists.

A first digital campaign – NOBODY SEES MUSIC LIKE YOU – presents an intimate portrait of the American Oscar-nominated composer and synesthete Dustin O’Halloran and his visual perception of music.

When the musician hears a sound, he sees a certain colour. ZEISS shows his unique visual world, which otherwise only takes place in his mind’s eye, and explains the medical background of synesthesia while the viewer is allowed to look over Dustin’s shoulder as he composes.

The first extraordinary example of how individual our visual worlds are.

A special feature of the new visual identity: the first digital campaign as well as all components of the global toolbox were shot mainly on 35mm film to emphasise the organic process of seeing.

Director Miles Jay (via ANORAK) and cinematographer Kasper Tuxen used ZEISS lenses to capture nuanced detail, creating a visually rich, truthful image.

The use of a hand-crank camera enhances the play on time and perception, the relation of what is seen and felt.

The original composition for the “Music” campaign was created by Dustin O’Halloran.

The music for the integrated campaign was created by Dirty Soup – with music supervision by Raife Burchell and Karl Westman, original composition written, composed, and produced by Jay Lifton and Ryan Miller, and vocals by Murdo Mitchell.

Sound design was done by Oscar-winner Nicolas Becker (e.g. Gravity) and David Arnold (LOFT).

Complementary CGI product visualisations were developed and created with Builders Club and Sehsucht.