No regrets – Quiet Storm delivers punchy £4.3m ad campaign for Zoflora

no regrets zoflora

Creative and production outfit Quiet Storm has developed a new awareness driving ATL (above the line) campaign for the UK’s number one disinfectant brand, Zoflora.

Bringing to life Zoflora’s ‘KILLS GERMS Beautifully’ message, the creative aims to engage new audiences by demonstrating the brand’s unique offering of unrivalled fragrance quality and performance, combined with product efficacy.

Quiet Storm Zoflora ad

Launching with 60 second prime time Saturday evening spots on ITV on 20 March, the five-month campaign will also include 30 second ads, utilising an impressive media budget of £4.3m to reach 82% of the Zoflora target audience 17 times. 

An additional 60 million impressions will be generated across VOD and digital display, alongside a product sampling and media partnership with The Daily Mail.

The ‘KILLS GERMS Beautifully’ campaign focuses on key product benefits and the uplifting and reassuring effect of Zoflora, at a time when home hygiene has never been more important. 

COVID claims

Zoflora has also been scientifically proven to kill the COVID-19 virus SARS-CoV-2.

Handed down through generations, and more recently becoming a cult classic with cleanfluencers such as Mrs Hinch, Zoflora remains a loved brand and the largest contributor to disinfectant category growth, with a 33% penetration increase across 2020.

The Zoflora ‘KILLS GERMS Beautifully’ campaign forms part of the brand’s biggest year of activity to date, which alongside the £4.3m media spend in the first half of the year, will see the introduction of new and contemporary packaging, and even more beautiful fragrant introductions to continue to surprise and delight consumers.

Directed by Gus Filgate, the commercial was shot entirely in camera, rather than defaulting to CGI, to ensure an authentic expression of the brand’s defining proposition on screen. 

Using a phantom camera on a Bolt Motion controlled rig, the hi-speed explosions were shot at 500 FPS, then combined with the 25 FPS movement of the hero character to achieve the captivating look and feel that resonates throughout the creative.

Cult brand

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Home Hygiene at Zoflora, said: “Zoflora has become a cult brand with an extremely loyal customer base, which is why we’ve achieved the number one status in the disinfectant category. 

“However, there’s huge opportunity to increase our general brand awareness and consequent household penetration, which sparked the creation of this new campaign.

“We need to appeal to those outside of the highly engaged cleaning lovers, who are motivated to create spaces they love to be in, especially as we’re all spending more time at home. 

“Whether you get the satisfaction of cleaning from the process, or after the job is done, Zoflora can offer a surprisingly uplifting experience. 

“We needed a way to communicate to consumers that transcends the expectations of the category, which Quiet Storm have captured perfectly.”

Anna Coscia, Planning Director at Quiet Storm, said: “Zoflora is a truly loved brand, to the point where fans call cleaning with the product ‘Zofloring’, which was the hook for our strategic thinking.

“The aim of the spot is to show that ‘It’s not cleaning, it’s Zofloring’, which means that Zoflora offers you something more than a partner for a chore – a more joyful, uplifting, and rewarding clean. 

“Therefore, we set Zoflora clearly apart from the almost clinical nature of the category norms and presented it as a more feminine, fun and inspiring brand.”