Campaign to woo healthcare workers garners 24,000 responses


NHS Professionals (NHSP) and Media Agency Group have reported that 24,000 healthcare workers have responded to their NHS staff call.

Their national media campaign was launched to attract more healthcare professionals back into the NHS to help fight the Corona Virus pandemic.

NHS healthcare call

MAG said it had attracted 24,000 responses to the ‘call-to-action’ in just ten days.

The campaign titled ‘Stand up, Step Forward, Save Lives’, is a national drive. It is currently running across prime spots on national radio and TV channels.

One of the films carries a call out to nurses and other NHS medics. The second film targets former doctors.

The aim is to raise awareness of NHS Professionals’ COVID-19 Rapid Response service. This was launched to accelerate the bank registration process and move qualified nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to the front line as quickly as possible.

“We are thrilled to be working with NHS professionals during this time of unprecedented demand”, John Kehoe CEO of Media Agency Group said.

“I’m proud of the way our team worked quickly (not to mention remotely!) during the lockdown period and grateful to our media partners for their efforts to over deliver on what is such a vital message.”

NHSP staff bank

NHSP runs the largest staff bank within the NHS and is owned by the Department for Health and Social Care.

This campaign aims to boost and support the wider NHS in attracting more healthcare professionals back into the service.

NHSP welcomes professionals from any part of the healthcare system, whether NHS or private, recently retired or students.

To join the NHSP bank, please visit our website