Nextdoor survey reveals how national brands can be part of ‘local’ trend

Nextdoor poll on localism and national brand - image charlie-green-yAMPbrx-vQE-unsplash

A new survey by Nextdoor, the online neighbourhood network, has revealed how national brands can adapt to the trend towards ‘localism’ that is impacting the marketing world.

Next-door found that nearly two thirds (64%) of its UK members are shopping locally more than they did two years ago, and six in ten (60%) prefer to spend money with independent brands.

Nextdoor and national brands

The poll of 2,000 UK Nextdoor members revealed that, with people feeling more connected to their local areas, national brands need to work harder than ever to be accepted as part of the community. 

The top five expectations people have from national brands or chains include:

  1. Fundraising for the local community (69%)
  2. Providing locally relevant offers (69%)
  3. Sponsoring local teams (50%)
  4. Sharing knowledge and skills with local schoolchildren (42%)
  5. Attending local events (35%)

Paps Shaikh, commercial director at Nextdoor, said: “The trend towards localism is about far more than people wanting to stay close to home. It represents a full mindset shift whereby consumers feel more emotionally connected to their communities. 

“National brands need to wake up to this cultural trend and urgently re-consider the way they act, appear and behave at a local level.”

Members remain open-minded to national brands

The research reveals that members remain open-minded to national brands joining their community, and there is a big opportunity there for companies which successfully adapt their approach. 

Nearly two thirds (61%) say they have no negative feelings towards chains setting up shop in the local area, and a third (31%) believe more national brands in their area would enrich their local area.

Reasons some remain sceptical of national brands include them not making enough effort to become a part of the local community (33%) and companies being too impersonal (21%). 

In addition, only 23% of members say national chains in their area show an understanding of local nuances – which is critical to creating connections in a hyperlocal world.

Shaikh added: “There is a place for national brands in the local tapestry – but these insights suggest they must work harder than ever to earn it. 

“Those companies which get to know community quirks, and make a positive contribution to the local area, will create more emotive connections and become an important part of strong, vibrant and resilient neighbourhoods.”

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