News UK launches Nucleus Plan publisher ad planning tool


In a major step towards a post-cookie world, News UK today launched Nucleus Plan, an industry-first UK publisher planning tool that utilises real-time first party data, empowering advertisers to provide greater addressability and granularity for their campaigns.

Nucleus Plan

Powered by Nucleus, News UK’s proprietary data platform, Nucleus Plan provides evidence-backed campaign recommendations in minutes.

The platform is continuously learning, drawing upon real time first party data signals. Already, over 2,000 campaigns and 75+billion campaign impressions have been analysed across News UK’s portfolio.

Unlike competitors that still heavily rely on third party data sources, this unique breadth and depth of real time first party data, backed by market-leading measurement vendors, will give advertisers access to accurate digital campaign insight and planning recommendations.

Using Nucleus Plan, advertisers will be able to optimise their campaigns based on up to six key KPIs that align with their objectives: viewability, CTR, brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent and attention.

News flash: Newspaper and media group News UK launches new planning tool for advertisers.

Campaigns based on these KPIs can then be delivered using seven variables including audience, context, emotion and format.

Nucleus Plan incorporates deep integration from market leading measurement vendors, including Brand Metrics, who specialise in measuring brand lift, and Adelaide, the attention metric specialist.

These provide deep insight into consumer behaviours at a user and content level, giving advertisers real ability to target more effectively whilst reducing ad waste.

The platform is the first time a UK publisher has offered a planning tool of this depth and complexity, and comes as part of News UK’s wider efforts to offer advertisers powerful and targeted audiences in an increasingly competitive digital first advertising ecosystem.

It represents an unprecedented level of real time marketing insight into consumer behaviour across some of the country’s most valuable and engaged media audiences on titles including The Times, The Sun and talkSPORT.

Dominic Carter, EVP, Publisher, The Sun, said: “Nucleus Plan is set to transform expectations of media owner planning tools.

“With this latest development in our first party toolkit, Nucleus Platform leads the charge in offering advertisers a level of insight and granularity that they won’t be able to get elsewhere.”

Chris Longcroft, EVP, Publisher, Times Media, said: “Nucleus Plan is trained on a vast collection of first party, real time data, meaning that it’s delivering recommendations based on an unparalleled level of insight.

“This means that we can offer campaigns that are truly data-led and optimised for client KPIs.”

Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide, said: “News UK is the first UK publisher to measure our omnichannel attention metric, AU, across its top titles, spearheading a transformative shift in how sellers approach media quality measurement and transparency.

“Armed with attention insights, News UK is poised to deliver more impactful campaigns for its clients and, in the future, introduce high-AU marketplaces.”

And Sean Adams, Global Insight Director, Brand Metrics, said: “News UK has embraced the benefits of scaled brand lift measurement.

“But excitingly, News UK has pushed the potential of our partnership further, by working closely with our product team in pioneering a process, combining brand lift data with their own individual log level impression data to provide a more holistic understanding of how campaigns work.”