New WHISKAS campaign is literally music to cats’ ears

Whiskas Purr More, Laundry Still - Mediashotz

The WHISKAS brand wants to make cats and their parents happy through its new Purr More global brand campaign.

The wacky, but so cute campaign, launched in Russia on Monday, the rest of the world to follow.  


The first of its kind advertising campaign features a suite of films from Bafta-winning animator and director Nina Gantz and original Cat music from National Symphony Cellist and “Animal Composer” David Teie created especially for cats – but can also be enjoyed by their humans. 

The campaign comes to life through a strong social media strategy that targets cat parents in the main platforms.

“As any cat parent knows, getting a purr from your cat is the highest praise you could earn”, said Jane Wakely Mars Petcare CMO. 

“We believe that happy cats make happy humans, so we’re delighted to launch a WHISKAS campaign that creates more purrs all round”.

“Purr More is a great example of how we’re innovating and utilising digital and technology to put pet parents at the heart of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.”

Cat’s imagination

Created by AMV BBDO for the WHISKAS brand, each film takes us inside a cat’s imagination to better understand what happens when they purr. 

The scenarios were built from things cats love, such as cardboard boxes, wool, and laundry and each asset contains a unique brand mnemonic precisely designed to appeal to the felines. 

Teie’s work has been scientifically proven by the Journal of Feline Medicine to reduce cat’s stress levels.*

“Cats listen to sounds at different frequencies to humans, so we’ve created a piece of music that appeals to their unique audio range,” said Teie of the mnemonic.

The team for WHISKAS cat food tested the new melody with cats around the globe, and the majority reacted positively to cat music compared to classical music or nothing at all.

That’s why the brand worked with Teie to also create “WHISKAS Purr More”, a new track and playlist to de-stress cats which will be available for free on Spotify and YouTube. 

The brand team, which has a long-term commitment to supporting pet shelters worldwide, has been working closely with these institutions and veterinary clinics to ensure the music is available to cats who need comfort the most.

Alex Grieve, Chief Creative Officer at AMV BBDO, said: “We wanted to create an idea for WHISKAS that truly mirrored their mission which, when you boil everything down, is to make cats and cat parents happy. 

“The purr is the ultimate sign of cat happiness. So, in every piece of creative work moving forward our goal will be to create a world where cats Purr More.”

The launch track of the playlist, titled Purr More, has its own music video, created by animator Daniel Stankler. 

Purr-fect: WHISKAS may take its cat music into the charts…

The WHISKAS team also have plans to print a limited-edition collectible vinyl. 

Each vinyl has a fish printed on the top that will revolve when played and entertain cats as they enjoy the music.

Influencers will be invited to play it to their cat and share the interaction on TikTok, encouraging others to do the same.

For even more fun, via a digital app, cat parents will even be able to convert cats’ purrs into currency for more Whiskas. The bigger the purr, the better the prize.