New Silver Spoon Truvia sweetener ad strips out the side effects


Creative studio Ourselves has created an eye-catching and humorous new OOH campaign for Truvia, the sweetener made by Silver Spoon.

‘Guilt free’ Truvia

The campaign is designed to persuade sweetener users that Truvia is the only brand that can really give them the freedom to enjoy life’s sweet moments, guilt free.

By pulling apart compound words and phrases like “sunburn”, “jet lag”, and “holiday blues”, Ourselves shows consumers how easy it is to have something good, but without the bad side effects.

Sweet upside: Truvia’s new campaign by Ourselves.

Truvia lets you have the sweetness without the calories: it’s like sun without the burn, it’s like jet without the lag, it’s like a holiday without the blues.

The message is that with Truvia, you’ve found the sweet spot: it’s the plant-based sweetener that sweetens like sugar, but without the calories.

The OOH campaign is running across the UK for four weeks, and can be seen on digital six-sheets, 48-sheet posters and bus sides.

OOH: The new campaign is running at key locations.

Lauren Crawford, Brand Controller at Silver Spoon, said: “Ourselves really helped us to capture what it feels like to switch to Truvia with a simple but striking OOH campaign.”

Aaron Howard, Founder and Creative Director of Ourselves, said: “We helped Truvia tap into the new balanced attitude to wellness, where a healthy approach is no longer about sacrifice. Our campaign helps people to find that ‘sweet spot’.”

Truvia Sweetener contains purified extract made from the best-tasting parts of the stevia plant.

As well as being used as a sweetener in drinks, the company said on its website that its products are also suitable for use when baking and cooking.

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