New probiotics brand Fermento launches brand identity by Underexposed

fermento brand launch

New precision probiotics brand Fermento has launched with a brand identity developed in partnership with design consultancy Underexposed.


Whether it’s for gut, skin, brain or immune health, new brand Fermento has isolated the specific probiotic strains that help, and packed them into high-impact probiotics that really work.

While probiotics have the potential to make a real difference to health, many people don’t know enough about them, and some companies are selling ineffective probiotic products. 

Fermento aims to unlock the power of probiotics, so health-conscious people can actively improve their wellbeing; and to bust myths, taking on the companies which are peddling pills that have little effect.

To set itself apart from the multitude of other probiotics on the market, Fermento has partnered with Underexposed to develop a stand-out brand identity, communicating how probiotics have the power to make the world a healthier place.

The new identity celebrates the fact that every Fermento tablet contains billions of living micro-organisms, with a visual metaphor hero-ing the specific probiotic strands used in different products.

The brand’s rich, bright colour palette is inspired by the idea of working in the dark to create something incredible, as darkness provides the best environment for developing probiotics.

Underexposed has created Fermento’s brand story, values, positioning and tone of voice, with the new identity rolling out across packaging, digital and social channels.

Andy Broadwood, Creative Director, Underexposed, said: “Fermento is busting myths and creating a stir. 

“It needed a brand that sets it apart from the sea of ineffective probiotic cocktails – one that celebrates the incredible power of probiotics.

“We have developed a rich, bright, flourishing probiotic landscape, taking a lead from the dark conditions needed to cultivate the products, and we used this visual language to simply communicate the specific probiotic strands used in different products.

Fermento 3
Gut instinct: Fermento launches with powerful new brand identity by Underexposed.

“From story, values and brand positioning through to tone of voice, photography and digital, we’re working with the team at Fermento to show the real benefits of probiotics and the potential of good bacteria to make the world a healthier place.”

Andrea Lisi, CEO & Co-founder, Fermento, added: “Probiotics have the potential to make a real difference to health and wellbeing, but there is a lack of understanding around what they are, not to mention the fact that so many companies are selling second-rate products which don’t really work.

“That’s why we started Fermento. We believe that by applying the right science, we can deliver huge health benefits.

“Working with Underexposed, we’ve developed a brand identity which really brings our point of difference to life, and which celebrates the potential of probiotics to be the little helpers that work hard for your health.”