New myclimate bot to confront influencers over excessive travel


The jet-setting lifestyle of influencers and their excessive air travel cause massive climate-damaging emissions, which is why a large-scale climate protection campaign by the NGO myclimate is now publicly confronting these celebrities – on their own channels.

Influencer travel tracking by myclimate

Many influencers use location markers on social media platforms such as Instagram to share their trips.

In collaboration between Jung von Matt HAVEL and the developers from Championship Records, the “myclimate Carbon Tracker” was created, the address this trend.

This intelligent bot analyses location markers in social media posts from over 1,000 influencers and celebrities. Based on the distance between two posts with location markers, it identifies flights and calculates the resulting emissions.

Based on this, the bot generates a personalised comment, reminding them of alternative travel options and donations for climate projects.

For particularly prominent frequent flyers, completely individual comments are written. At the same time, the travel activities are included in the first influencer CO2 ranking at

Myclimate aims to raise awareness of climate-damaging travel behaviour, offer alternatives, and call for responsibility for one’s own emissions, the company said.

The initiative is accompanied by a campaign on social media, which, not without irony, asks people to donate for the influencers if they fail to fulfil their responsibility.

“We only use data that the celebrities themselves publish”, said myclimate marketing manager Kai Landwehr.

“If a champagne photo is tagged in Las Vegas and the next day the location marker shows Lloret de Mar, Spain, the myclimate Carbon Tracker is triggered.

“Our ‘service’ consists of an automated posting on their Instagram profile.

“They are made aware of their CO2 emissions and directed to our emissions calculator, which suggests a donation for climate protection projects”.

Jung von Matt HAVEL Creative Director, Arne Stach, said: “It’s about questioning a certain lifestyle that flaunts inflationary air travel, for all of us”.

The myclimate Carbon Tracker has already confronted numerous social media stars like Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, 50 Cent, Jack Harlow and Beyonce about their travel behaviour. The initial reactions have now been compiled into a short film.

Myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection, globally and locally. Together with industry partners and private individuals, myclimate wants to shape the future of the world through advisory services and educational programmes, as well as its own projects. It does so in a market-oriented and customer-focused way as a non-profit organisation.

As an international climate protection organisation with Swiss roots, myclimate and its scientific experts offer individual industry solutions and climate strategy consulting for business clients.

Its customers include large, medium-sized and small companies, public administrations, non-profit organisations, event organisers and private individuals. Via its partner organisations, myclimate is represented in other countries such as Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway.