New Macmillan Whatever It Takes campaign focuses on questions

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One in two of us will get cancer, which according to Macmillan Cancer Support, means one in two will need practical guidance and information following a cancer diagnosis across a variety of issues and topics. 

This is the focus of a new campaign, called Whatever It takes, created in partnership with AMV BBDO, in which the cancer charity will focus on raising awareness of how to get support for any issue through its services.

Macmillan campaign

In this next chapter of the 2021 “Whatever it takes” brand platform, the work champions the incredible services that Macmillan provides to support people living with cancer when they need it the most. 

The new advert brings to life the endless questions that can come with a diagnosis – such as “can I still date?”, “what if I get pregnant?” and “can I sunbathe?”- to highlight that, whether it be about cancer in general, work, money or life, support is available seven days a week via Macmillan’s Support line, as well as peer-to-peer support via the charity’s Online Community.

The new strategy not only aims to drive access to the charity’s support services, but also enables Macmillan to shine a light on the often-unseen areas of the organisation and the incredible people who are on hand to support people living with cancer every day.

Extensive research revealed that there are several interconnected barriers that stop people with cancer from accessing support. 

These include people feeling too proud to reach out for support, people believing that their problems are not relevant for a big charity like Macmillan and a lack of understanding about the breadth of support available. 

The campaign is designed to break down these barriers and show that no question is too big or too small, too trivial, or too personal – if it’s important to them, it’s important to Macmillan, and it will do Whatever It Takes to help.

Directed by BAFTA and Sundance Festival nominee and BFI winner, Charlotte Regan, and created by AMV BBDO’s Michael Jones and Thomas Hazledine, the film features people from all walks of life confronting the rollercoaster of often overwhelming questions that follow a cancer diagnosis. 

The TV spot ends with the reassurance from Macmillan: ‘Whatever you need to ask, we’re here’.

Anthony Newman, Brand and Marketing Director at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “Sadly there are around three million people living with cancer in the UK, which means millions of lives turned upside down. 

“Cancer is personal and can impact people’s lives in a variety of ways – their relationships, their bodies, how they are feeling, their finances and more. 

“And right now may feel like a scarier time than ever to be diagnosed. So, our new ‘Whatever you Need’ campaign is designed to show people that Macmillan is here for them, no matter how big or small their questions and raise awareness of all our brilliant services and the support we can offer.”

Michael Jones and Thomas Hazledine, AMV BBDO creative directors, said: “Everybody in Britain knows how amazing Macmillan are. 

“An extraordinary, selfless blend of tough and tender who will do whatever it takes to help people cope with the emotional and physical turmoil of cancer. 

“We’re now aiming to show how incredible and accessible the Macmillan team is and how they are able to support people with the realities of a new life living with cancer and the campaign does just that”.