New TV campaign channels ‘buffering rage’

Buffering -

Broadband, mobile and TV package price comparison site, has launched a new TV advertising campaign with Guerillascope.

Developed by ABF Pictures, the creative concept plays on the irritation that comes hand-in-hand with a poor broadband connection.

Buffering teaser

It begins with a pretend buffering screen, deployed for just long enough to rouse that all-too-familiar prickle of annoyance.

With the ad break well and truly disrupted, it then gives way to the benefits of visiting to find a better broadband deal in your local area.

The 30-second commercial is poised to air nationwide on the likes of Channel 4, 4Seven, Sky News and BT Sport over the next month.

Commenting on the campaign, Eponine Atkinson, brand director at Guerillascope, said: “As the UK once again faces up to various tiers of lockdown, we felt now was a great time to launch on TV.

“With viewing figures high and broadband woes widespread throughout the working from home community, we have high hopes that this disruptive first foray into TV will be a successful one for our client.”