New British Army ad ‘You Belong Here’ challenges idea of fitting-in


Capita and Accenture Song have today unveiled the latest recruitment campaign for the British Army, with the tagline ‘You Belong Here’.

The cross-platform campaign aims to challenge the misconceptions among the 59% of young people who do not believe they would fit in, in the British Army1.

‘You Belong Here’

Supporting the 2023 recruitment of 16 to 34-year-olds across Regulars, Reserves and Officers, the new campaign speaks directly to young people by showing that there is a place for them in the British Army, where their instincts and abilities are needed and valued.

The integrated campaign is running across TV, cinemas, radio, out-of-home (OOH), online and social media and started Monday 4 September.

It includes three 30-second films directed by Billy Boyd Cape and produced by Academy Films.

The creative puts potential recruits in the heart of dramatic scenarios where a first-person perspective is used and the viewer is invited to make decisions about what to do next.

For example, in the 30-second hero film, titled ‘Evacuation,’ viewers are immersed into a civilian evacuation during a conflict.

The ad concludes with the viewer being tasked with the decision to evacuate people to safety before the words: ‘You Belong Here’ appear on screen.

The campaign is an evolution of the long-running ‘Belonging’ series, developed by Accenture Song together with Capita and the British Army in 2017, signalling a fresh approach.

While ‘belonging’ has always been at the heart of what it means to ‘be the best’ in the Army, new research from the Army has revealed that the nature of belonging has evolved for young people.

Broadening out beyond the need for camaraderie, the research found that young people are now actively choosing to prioritise where and how they belong, with 88% of young people stating they believe a career that reflects their values is important.

The research also found that fewer than one in two (48%) of young people believe the Army would fulfil their values. Yet it also uncovered young Brits share similar values, outlined below, with the Army:

  • Respect – to have a skill and role in the world that earns the respect of others.
  • Fun – life is challenging, so it’s important to enjoy yourself
  • Hard work – take control of your life and work hard for what you want
  • Helpful – be ready to support and give help to others

“Every year our recruitment campaign evolves to address new challenges that create a barrier to recruitment”, Major General Tom Bewick OBE, General Officer Commanding, Army Recruiting, said.

“This year is no different. ‘You Belong Here’ seeks to dispel any doubts that young people may have about fitting in the Army by speaking to how we’re more alike than they think.

“We hope the new campaign sends the message to all aspiring recruits that they belong where their values mean something – they belong here in the British Army.”
Adam Kean, ECD at Accenture Song, said: “Our recruitment campaigns have always been about the British Army’s belief in young people.

“This year we wanted to speak directly to them, putting them into a typical Army situation, often under high pressure, and ask them what they’d do, what their gut instincts are.

“The ads reach out across the imaginary fourth wall, and tell them we’re confident they will not just fit in, but thrive.”
Naomi Walter, CMO at Capita, said: “The context in which we recruit for the British Army is complex and ever changing and with it so do the needs and expectations of potential recruits.

“This year’s campaign highlights the values that motivate a modern generation, values that have coincidently been the foundation to belonging in the Army for hundreds of years.

“By showing young people are more like a British Soldier than they think, we seek to drive reappraisal and consideration of an Army career.”