New BMW brand campaign heralds age of generation joy


Rebellious joy is the feeling embodied by a sassy new campaign from BMW by global agency powerhouse Wunderman Thompson. 

The significance of ‘Joy’ for the next generation is a choice, not just a feeling, the agency said. This is the strategic insight borne out of Wunderman Thompson SA that informed the manifesto of the latest BMW brand campaign. 

BMW joy

Targeting new luxury consumers, mostly millennials and GenZs, the campaign aims to drive growth in a declining premium segment and establish relevance for #NextGenJoy.

The integrated campaign includes a 90” showcase on YouTube (below) TVC spots (60” and 30”), digital and social (15” and 6” clips), radio and OOH.

Wunderman Thompson South Africa Executive Creative Director, Theo Ferreira, said: “Our research uncovered a segment of professionals across race, ethnicity and genders that will drive the future growth; The Henrys (high-earners-no-rich-yet). 

“These individuals fall under the middle and middle-upper class household income group and are defining the global luxury market. Henrys resonate with brands that express their values and identity. 

“They reject traditional status symbols and believe luxury is a state of mind. They embrace rebellious joy or break away from antiquated expectations and social norms. This is perfectly summed up for us as #NextGenJoy.”

The campaign’s #NextGenJoy positioning conveys a bold and meaningful joyous movement. It challenges the world to see an expanded definition of joy. Choosing joy is seen as an act of resistance in a world filled with so much pain and trauma.

“BMW has always exhibited a remarkable ability to reinvent itself”, said Thilosh Moodally, General Manager: Customer and Brand for BMW South Africa. 

“This brand campaign, which is the first iteration of its kind globally, reflects BMW’s place within the psyche of South Africans as more than just a brand they once aspired to. 

“It is a brand that, through demonstrating its vision of the next generation of joy, also reveals that after close to 50 years in the country, BMW is still able to tap into the zeitgeist of ordinary (and extraordinary) South Africans”. 

Working with Massif’s multi-award-winning and internationally recognised film and commercials director, Dean Blumberg, helped bring this concept to life. 

Ferreira added, “Dean is obsessed with story and performance. He is a born storyteller, with a chameleon-like ability to adapt and evolve”.

Parusha Partab, Group Strategy Director: Wunderman Thompson South Africa, said: “BMW is an adored brand in South Africa, and this campaign is about centring the people that love this brand and sharing its audacious attitude and progressive spirit. 

“The questions asked throughout the advert call for a more inclusive and bolder vision of ourselves and the next generation of BMW drivers. One that’s not defined by preconceptions but rather reimagined with our agency and creativity. 

“Each line reframes an accepted norm and old troupe, and every visual is vibrant and reflective of the diversity of South Africans driving both BMWs and our next generation of joy.