New all-electric Lexus UX campaign ‘Feels Like No Other’

lexus ux all electric

Ahead of the launch of the All-Electric Lexus UX, Lexus Europe and The&Partnership London has created a campaign highlighting the key benefits of the new vehicle.

Lexus UX launch

The car is Lexus’ first all-electric vehicle and will go on sale across Europe at the start of 2021, hopefully in a COVID-free future, which one can’t help feeling is the sentiment behind this lovely, calming, zen-inducing campaign.

Appearing across European territories, the pre-launch campaign offers a tempting glimpse into how Lexus have approached the electrified future, available soon in the UX 300e.

“At Lexus we craft every detail of our cars around how it makes the driver feel; comfort, control, exhilaration, confidence”, Owen Peacock, General Manager Brand & Communications, Lexus Europe said.

“We have spent over 15 years leading the market with our hybrid electrified vehicles, and our new All-Electric UX demonstrates the innovative Lexus experience.”

In collaboration with leading digital designer, Chris Labrooy, The&Partnership has conceived a luxurious home environment. The house contains lifestyle objects and artefacts – made from parts of the All-Electric Lexus UX, which are metaphors for the vehicle’s product benefits.

How it feels to drive

Exhilarating yet smooth, according to the campaign. The UX’s acceleration is highly responsive, yet seamlessly smooth.

The car’s low centre of gravity keeps it feeling stable, gliding forward powerfully.

This is conveyed by a futuristic, electronic exercise bike: its wheel speeds up and slows down with a controlled exhilaration.

How it feels inside

The firm describes the interior as ‘Serenely comfortable’. Noise absorbing materials have been placed around the car’s wheels, windows and underside, soaking up any road sounds traditionally masked by an engine.

The blurb claims the car has a luxuriously crafted interior trims and the widest field of vision in its class.

This is envisioned by pair of high-fashion concept sneakers.

They bounce on the spot in a comfortable, serene fashion. Cushioning and quiet.

How it feels to own

‘Peace of mind’ is how ownership is being relayed in the campaign. Lexus has been powering hybrid cars with batteries for over 15 years, and this expertise means the All-Electric Lexus UX’s battery comes with a reassuring 10-year EV battery extended care policy. This puts the minds of those who may have once been EV skeptics at ease. One concern that is often raised is the charging infrastructure, as many are not sure how or where they’ll be able to ‘refuel’, as it were. Thankfully, there are many electricians around the country experienced in helping homeowners prepare for their new EV purchase – SALT Light & Electric installs electric car charging stations so they’re well worth checking out if you’re interested in such a vehicle yourself!

This feeling of peace of mind is visualised through a futuristic record player and holographic disc, playing relaxing music before panning to the car.

Labrooy added: “Building these films for Lexus was an exciting prospect. I was able to draw on a wealth of iconic materials and textures from the UX 300e itself to help craft a suite of highly futuristic objects.

“Doing this project has left me with an even greater appreciation of the detail and craft invested in their products”.

The campaign will run on social and digital channels, providing content to engage people who’ve expressed an interest in the All-Electric Lexus UX and encouraging the public to pre-order their vehicles before the car goes on sale.