Neustar, Adverity partner to optimise data in fragmented ad ecosystem

adverity neustar

Neustar, a TransUnion company, has announced a partnership with integrated data platform Adverity to enable marketers to easily connect all of their data to help improve their marketing and brand performance. 

As data-driven marketing grows in complexity, marketers require a holistic data strategy to better optimise marketing spend and improve return on investment (“ROI”).

Neustar, Adverity tie up

This partnership will enable brands and agencies to better measure marketing performance across disparate online and offline channels inclusive of the walled garden and television ecosystems. 

It enables Neustar to leverage Adverity Connect’s automated data integrations and data management capabilities for advanced marketing analytics modelling powered by Neustar Optimizer.

Optimizer is a closed-loop marketing optimisation and consumer insights platform that enables marketers to improve marketing and brand performance by measuring all consumer activity. 

Marketers use Neustar Optimizer to make real-time optimisations to marketing mix, media budget allocation, campaign and creative tactics, and audience segments.

“Data management is a critical first step in the journey to data-driven marketing,” said Mike Finnerty, SVP Global Services at Neustar, a TransUnion company. 

“By partnering with Adverity, our clients can now easily organise and structure their marketing data and then use that data for advanced marketing analytics, saving significant time in the process.”

“To have such a powerful, shared goal in making data more accessible and usable is really exciting for us,” said Alexander Igelsböck, CEO and Co-Founder of Adverity. 

“This partnership with Neustar will allow us to continue bringing new and cutting-edge data and analytical capabilities to the marketing industry as we see more and more data growth in the space.”