Network Rail official harasses SkyNews ASLEF strikes reporter live on air


A SkyNews reporter was physically and verbally harassed by a Network Rail official during a live report on the ASLEF strikes on Friday morning.

Journalist Sabah Choudhry was in the midst of a live report and chat with the SkyNews studio when the camera cut away to a pre-recorded interview comment from Huw Merriman, the UK’s Minister for Rail and HS2.

However, when the cameras returned to Choudhry outside Paddington, an official, who appeared to be wearing a Network Rail official’s vest, was gesticulating in front of the camera, waving his walkie talkie and noisily telling the reporter ‘No please, no. Not allowed. Not allowed.”

He then moved behind her, remaining in full view of the camera while Choudhry, calmly and professionally, continued and concluded her live report.

Choudhry should be commended for her poise, calm and professionalism during the intrusive attach from a Network Rail official, who clearly had no understanding of the rights of UK news media to report on a major news story.

Mediashotz contacted Network Rail about the abusive on air interruption and a spokesperson for the company told us: “We receive dozens of requests each week to film at our stations and our staff go to great lengths to welcome and facilitate members of the media.

“We ask that media crews get in contact with our press office to arrange access to film on Network Rail property in advance and report to the station reception on arrival to sign in and receive a short safety brief.

“This is necessary to ensure the safety of our passengers, staff and visitors to our stations, and has always been our policy when filming takes place on Network Rail property.

“The reporter and crew were on Network Rail property without the necessary authorisation which is why they were asked to move on.

“Had authorisation been sought and our policy adhered to, we would have been more than happy to facilitate them, as we have many times in the past.”