Netflix zombie film in 3-D world first at London’s Piccadilly Lights

zombie time - Netflix-Army-of-the-dead-Piccadilly lights

In a world first London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights previewed a huge 783.5 square metre 3-D live action scene form new Netflix zombie blockbuster Army of the Dead.

Ocean Outdoor, which runs the massive digital screen for LandSec, said it was the first time in the history of the world famous that the iconic out-of-home screen was given over to such a large 3-D live action event.

Zombie movie

The upcoming film was directed by Zack Snyder (Justice League) and uses the entirety of the ginormous curved digital screen in Piccadilly Circus to introduce Londoners to “Valentine” ‒ the terrifying zombie tiger which appears in the film.

The 3‒D activation sees the incredible VFX tiger, created by acclaimed visual effects supervisor Marcus Taormina (Bird Box, Guardians Of The Galaxy) roaming around post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

It is the first time a moving character has been given such innovative 3-D treatment in this setting, with Landsec’s Piccadilly screen giving great depth to the background, and Valentine’s head appearing to come straight out into Piccadilly Circus in the foreground.

The activation is currently on rotation until midnight on May 23.

“My crack visual effects team went down to Carole Baskin’s place and used her tigers to get the movements,” said director Zack Snyder about Valentine’s creation.

Valentine the tiger

After initially struggling to find a real-life tiger to base Valentine on, Marcus Taormina and his team stumbled across Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue, pre-Tiger King fame, who “were happy to hear that we were using visual effects to create the big cat, versus using a practical tiger because of the inhumane ways that they had been treated over the years.”

“We flew to Tampa, Florida, and were introduced to Carole Baskin,” Taormina said. 

“Later on, I guess it was probably four or five months in, my wife was watching something, and from the other room I heard this familiar voice. And there’s Carole on the TV.”

Premiering on Netflix on 21 May, ARMY OF THE DEAD is one of the most highly anticipated blockbusters of the summer. 

Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, the film sees a group of mercenaries, led by Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward, take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.