Nectar360 partners with the Alliance of Independent Agencies


Nectar360, which owns and operates Nectar, the UK’s largest coalition loyalty programme, has entered into a partnership with the Alliance of Independent Agencies, which represents the interests of over 100 independent UK agencies.

Nectar360 and Alliance of Independent Agencies

Nectar360 will act as the Alliance’s exclusive retail media partner, tasked with educating its members on the fast-evolving retail media landscape so that they can explain the benefits to their clients.

In addition to operating the Nectar loyalty programme used by over 20 million UK consumers, Nectar360 also manages the retail media services of Sainsbury’s and Argos, using its own insights and media expertise to connect the Sainsbury’s businesses, brands and their customers.

“This partnership comes at a great time both for Nectar360 and the Alliance,” said Alice Anson, Director of Digital Media at Nectar360.

“For all the buzz and excitement around retail media, there is a broader lack of understanding of what it is and what it can deliver.

“The partnership will enable us to enlighten Alliance members through webinars and other exclusive content so they can start putting the power of retail media to work for their clients.”

For The Alliance of Independent Agencies, Director Terry Martin said: “We’re excited to embark on this partnership with Nectar360. Their expertise in leveraging first-party data and sophisticated consumer intelligence will provide our members with unprecedented opportunities to enhance their strategic marketing initiatives.

“This collaboration is set to significantly enhance the operational capabilities and strategic positioning of independent agencies within the industry.

“It marks a significant advancement in our efforts to support and empower the independent agency network through innovative and data-driven strategies.”