NAUGHTEA vodka-based iced-tea brand launched by ICONIC


In response to growing demand for ready-to-drink (RTD) brands, female founder Ellie Farrer has launched what could be the UK’s freshest summer drink, NAUGHTEA.

Farrer launched the brand with her agency ICONIC, which she co-founded along with James Kirkham acting as a marketing partner to accelerate the new brand’s success.

NAUGHTEA alcoholic iced-tea

Already on sale at music venue Unit 58 in Tottenham, NAUGHTEA provides a twist to the much loved iced tea.

Made using still water, it is designed as a refreshing alternative to the sparkling drinks on the market currently, while capitalising on the hard seltzer trend.

“Last summer at Tomorrowland I’d seen there were canned iced teas and decided to use this as my mixer,” Farrer said.

“It was banging! I came back and started planning. There’s loads of drinks out there, yet when it comes to flat rather than fizzy RTDs, there’s limited choice – vodka cranberry or vodka cranberry anyone?”

Farrer would feel bloated after too many seltzers at clubs and festivals and wanted to offer a fresh alternative for other music loving, culture-obsessed individuals.

Describing herself as a ‘full time marketer, part time raver’, Farrer added.

“We decided to take the humble iced tea but give it the twist you never knew it needed. NAUGHTEA will make you want to keep on sipping, can after can… Simply serve ice cold, with mates and, ideally, some sun!”

The result of many months of planning, NAUGHTEA is a cheeky challenger brand with a bold and bright design, aiming to be the go-to summer drink and number one alcoholic iced tea.

Aimed primarily at a 18 to 30-year-old, free-spirited, adventure-seeking, music-loving crowd, it can be served straight from the fridge or bucket of ice – the perfect summer drink for the park, festivals and rooftop bars.

By offering the drink first at exclusive venues and events, Farrer explained that the ICONIC team is marketing the drink using a music-first approach: “We’re playing more in the periphery, at the outer edges of culture, where it is less crowded and more engaged, with tactics such as guerrilla drops and playful pickups.”

As an expert in marketing acceleration, Farrer has also been able to reach a range of DJs and influencers and, with new trade partners in the works, NAUGHTEA is launching first with lemon and peach flavours and can be found on Instagram at @naughteadrinks or bought online here.