National Trust introduces ‘Space to feel’ by Quiet Storm


National Trust is looking to reach younger people with the debut of its new brand campaign, ‘Space to feel.’

Quiet Storm, in collaboration with the National Trust’s internal creative team, created the work, which is the agency’s first for the brand since being appointed the Trust’s creative partner in the summer of 2023.

‘Space to feel’ 

The 60-second film ‘Backpack’ introduces audiences to two new characters: teenager Maya and her awe-struck backpack.

In it, we see Maya wearing her backpack and greeting her friends as they arrive for another day at school – except today they are going on a trip, to visit the National Trust.

As Maya explores ornate interiors, magnificent architecture, and glorious gardens, she begins to connect with the space’s nature and makes memories with her friends.

The human emotions she experiences are seen on her backpack’s face. The sleepy indifference from the start of the day is replaced by curiosity, wonder, and real joy, feelings captured by the soundtrack to the film – Alive! by British musician Bakar.

As Maya and her friends return to school, we see their world is a little more open and brighter.

Quiet Storm worked closely with the National Trust’s internal creative studio on the campaign, together delivering on a brief to embody their ‘For everyone, forever’ charitable purpose.

Trevor Robinson OBE, Founder and Executive Creative Director at Quiet Storm, wrote and directed the film. It was produced by Quiet Storm with a hybrid team consisting of National Trust’s creative studio and freelance creatives developing the initial proposition.

The campaign is part of the Trust’s wider brand development strategy, with planning done by Craig+Bridget and research by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science.

Nisha Nath, Head of Brand and Creative at the National Trust, said: “When we say that our beautiful spaces are “for everyone, for ever” we truly mean it.

“Thousands of people told us that our creative interiors and natural spaces make them feel things they didn’t arrive with – whether it’s feeling calmer, curious, or even excited like Maya and her backpack.

“’Space to feel’ draws on that emotional connection people have with the places in our care, and this film offers one young person’s perspective experiencing that. We hope the campaign inspires other people to discover their own connections.”

Trevor Robinson said, “With over 5.7 million members, the National Trust clearly isn’t lacking in profile or popularity, but the team there is determined to make their ‘everyone’ promise a reality.

“That’s also at the heart of what we do at Quiet Storm; we’re so thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative.”

The campaign breaks 6 May 2024 and runs through June on cinema, VOD, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, supported by a suite of out-of-home creative.

It is the first of four bursts of activity planned by the National Trust over the next nine months.