National Highways debuts ‘Little Changes’ campaign by FCB London


National Highways hopes to show drivers how they can make their motorway trips safer and more enjoyable, simply by making just a few little changes.

In the first wave of a long-term campaign to encourage more considerate driving, this phase addresses two of the motorway driving behaviours that most road users complain about: close following and middle lane hogging.

Many drivers are either unaware or don’t acknowledge the risks of these behaviours, engaging in them either out of habit or indifference and thereby contribute to an increased likelihood of congestion and collisions.

‘Little Changes Change Everything’

To motivate this audience to change their ways, FCB London and National Highways have created the ‘Little Changes Change Everything’ campaign, which focuses on why simply keeping left unless overtaking and obeying the two second rule will not only make their own journeys better, but the motorway as a whole a safer and calmer place to drive.

At its core is a 30-second film telling the story of one inconsiderate driver, Darren, and how he can start enjoying his motorway journeys by adopting these new driving habits.

Without much effort, Darren’s driving experience is transformed from a dull and slightly tense experience to a sunny and cheerful one.

Once he feels more comfortable on the road, he’s inspired to flex his vocal chords and sing along with his car radio, belting out Linda Lyndell’s 1968 classic, “What a Man”, as he enjoys a more pleasurable, safer drive to his destination.

FCB London’s OOH work also features drivers in their cars enjoying the transformation in journey quality as they keep left and maintain a safe distance.

Graphical illustrations of cheerful sunshine and spring flowers are used to reflect the campaign’s message of the positive transformation that considerate driving can bring to the road.

The campaign is also part of a broader consolidation of National Highways’ behaviour change communications.

Alison Holliday, Head of Marketing and Events at National Highways, said: “When eager to get to a destination, some drivers don’t always think as much about other drivers on the road as we should.

“But we know that tailgating and lane hogging is very frustrating for drivers and dangerous. Our campaign shows that all it takes is making some small changes to your driving behaviour to make motorway journeys safer and less stressful for everyone.”

Owen Lee, Chief Creative Officer at FCB London, said: “The new campaign highlights the benefits of good motorway driving behaviour.

“Through music, we tell the story of Darren, a driver feeling empowered to drive in a way that changes his and everyone else’s motorway driving experience for the better.”

The campaign runs until 31 March across TV, audio, OOH and social channels. Media planning is by Wavemaker, and buying is by OmniGOV at Manning Gottlieb.