Nat Geo to air Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth in July

Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth
National Geographic/Craig Parry

National Geographic has confirmed it is set to air the much-anticipated documentary, Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth on Monday 12 July at 8pm on National Geographic WILD.

Shark Beach 

Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth  follows the global movie star as he embarks on a personal mission to investigate how we can live more harmoniously with sharks. 

The one-hour documentary special from Nutopia (“One Strange Rock”) features shark icon and conservationist Valerie Taylor, who takes Hemsworth for a shark dive to experience first-hand the awe and beauty of nurse sharks, and other preeminent shark experts who are exploring new preventative measures and the latest technology to help stave off shark-human encounters.

The documentary kicks off National Geographic’s ninth annual SHARKFEST with two weeks of ‘fin-tastic programming’, featuring over 18 hours of new premieres and a treasure trove of archival footage, SHARKFEST continues to highlight the captivating science and stunning cinematic visuals of the apex predators.

In addition to the 142 hours of content making up the season – including 18 hours of premiere programming – across 2-weeks on National Geographic WILD, streaming giant Disney+ will also air some of the best programming from past SHARKFEST Seasons starting 16 July.

It will also exclusively premiere the critically acclaimed underwater exploration feature documentary Playing with Sharks from National Geographic Documentary Films on 23 July.

Just when you thought it was safe…

“The mysteries of the ocean’s most iconic predators are so vast, even with eight years of shark-focused content under our belt, there still remains more to be discovered,” said Janet Vissering, senior vice president of Development and Production, National Geographic Partners. 

“Like every year, shark scientists and oceanic experts have pulled out all the stops for this year’s SHARKFEST, revealing new discoveries, shocking revelations and bizarre shark behaviour never seen before. It’s going to be jaw-some!”