My Life My Say campaign urges young to remember their voting ID


Youth-led charity My life My Say has launched a new campaign by Wonderhood Studios urging young British voters to remember that they must take ID with them if they want to vote today.

Today’s general election in the UK is anticipated to be the most unequal for voter turnout in 60 years (IPPR), with the widest gap in participation being between old and young.

Should this projection become reality, it will result in a government that dramatically underrepresents and further disenfranchises young people.

My Life My Say – voting ID campaign 

To make sure the next five years don’t pass Britain’s next generation by, there isn’t a vote among 18-24s to lose.

Problem is, with 30% (1.5m) of this demographic not knowing they need ID at polling stations (Opinium, 12-13June 2024), young voters could be turned away in their droves, many of whom will be trying to vote for the first time.

Ensuring this audience remembers their ID is vital for their participation. Without ID, they simply cannot vote.

But, with 75% of young people believing that politicians don’t care about them (Opinium, 12-13June 2024), it’s clear that a more personal and relevant approach is needed to reach them.

So, in a timely initiative, the non-partisan youth-led charity has worked with Wonderhood Studios on a pre-election campaign, #GetVotingWithMe, where influencers and organisations will post ‘Get Ready With Me’ content with a twist: ID.

While talking through their typical routines, they’ll also deliver an unexpected reminder to bring valid ID, helping their followers really get ready for the polls on today (4 July).

By collaborating with creators that young people already listen to through an idea that builds on a popular social media trend, the campaign hopes to reach underrepresented 18-24s in a way that traditional political communications has failed to do.

Going live in the lead up to Election Day, Love-Island-Star-turned-activist Sharon Gaffka, along with other social media creators, participated in the campaign, adding a small but powerful subversion to their normal #GetReadyWithMe content.

While going through a type of routine their followers have grown to love and expect, the creators make a dramatic shift halfway through, ditching their make-up and moisturiser tips to instead deliver a message urging viewers to remember their ID: The most essential item in getting ready for polling day.

Tying the campaign together will be a Wonderhood-designed #GetVotingWithMe sticker that Contributors will pin to their content.

“What we love most about this idea is the ingenious way that it targets young people at exactly the right moment – while on their favourite social platforms, with the influencers they watch every day and in the hours just before the polling stations open”, said Ben Edwards, Executive Creative Director, Wonderhood.

“It’s a hugely important issue and we’re incredibly proud as an agency to be doing our bit to help.”

My Life, My Say, co-creators of the ‘Give an X’ initiative, aims to get every single young person in the UK to vote by ‘leading the charge towards a more inclusive and representative electoral process.’

Their previous campaign received huge endorsement from the likes of Michael Sheen and Amelia Dimoldenberg, who urged their followers to register to vote and encouraged them to show up on the day.

“We are incredibly proud of the #GetVotingWithMe trend, which epitomises our commitment to meet young people where they are through innovative methods”, said Dan Lawes, Head of Partnerships, My Life My Say.

“By leveraging a popular social media trend and working with influencers that young people trust and follow daily, we can deliver crucial reminders about voter ID requirements in a relevant and impactful way.

“This campaign will help ensure that every young voice is heard in the General Election.”

 To whoever is reading this – don’t forget to bring your ID with you today and make your voice heard.