Mulberry Softie launches with dreamy digital campaign by Above+Beyond

mulberry softie launch campaign by above + beyond

Creative agency Above+Beyond has developed a global digital campaign to celebrate the launch of the new white Mulberry Softie.

Mulberry Softie

With curved quilting, smooth leather and a soft, pillowy feel, the Mulberry Softie’s tactile appeal is the central theme of the launch campaign.

The 37-second commercial opens with a young woman – dressed in white to match the white Mulberry Softie she is carrying – walking along a city street.

As she holds her Softie, however, she finds herself transported into a dreamlike sequence in which she tumbles back then floats downwards, through cloud, to land on her back on a white, pillowy quilt.

Mulberry’s latest ad was produced by Collective Studios, the in-house studio of The Beyond Collective. It was directed by Joshua Stocker, with post production through No.8.

The campaign launches in the UK, the US, Korea, China and Japan on 13 June and runs across social – including TikTok, digital, in-store and CRM.

The Mulberry Softie range first went on sale in February 2022.

Dom Goldman, Chief Creative Officer at Above+Beyond said: “It’s been a privilege to collaborate with such an iconic British brand, partnering to create a campaign that feels truly modern within the luxury category. 

“The films have been designed to be social first, with carefully crafted 9×16 formats. A rich sense of escape from a familiar hectic world, into an abstract ethereal softness – we could all do with some of that these days.”