MSQ launches Superior Emotional Capital to help brands

msq superior emotional capital

MSQ said it has launched a new industry-wide framework called Superior Emotional Capital, to help brands get closer to customers. 

The framework has been validated by clients and is supported by a new book titled “Superior Emotional Capital: The Currency of Customer Relationships”, a must have guide for brands looking to succeed in 2022.

Superior Emotional Capital

In a world where consumers have higher screen-time, shorter attention spans and push away brands they have no connection with, Superior Emotional Capital: The Currency of Customer Relationships highlights the importance of having a positive supply of Emotional Capital – the accumulation of associations and intuitions about a brand.

The framework and the insights in the book are based on findings from MSQ’s proprietary research toolkit emotor – which involves measuring awareness, and then measuring attractiveness of a brand – alongside interviews with senior marketers from the likes of NatWest, Shell and Intel. 

The survey was conducted with consumers who were asked how they feel about the way brands try to engage with them.

Emotional Capital works like capital on any other balance sheet – and why in a period of accelerated change and increased noise, growth depends on being both resilient and responsive, which is key for brands to both survive and thrive. 

It enables brands to weather sudden shifts in the market and unexpected movement in consumer behaviour, even corporate scandal.

Superior Emotional Capital: The Currency of Customer Relationships ultimately showcases how having Superior Emotional Capital enables brands to move quickly, adapt to category innovation, market dynamics and changing consumer tastes. 

The more you have, the more resilient your brand is in moments of change.

The concept highlights the five powerful motors of emotional capital to help brands get CLOSE to customers:

  • Coherent: Emotionally coherent brands deliver consistently, in a joined-up way, across the whole organisation. They focus on service, ease, quality and joy in their customer touch points. They don’t bombard customers but instead provide a seamless experience for customers
  • Literate: Emotionally literate brands make it their business to know how audiences and stakeholders really feel. They get the ‘Big Picture’ going beyond the usual superficial lip-service of ‘consumer insight’ to pursue genuine understanding.
  • On the level: Equity is important to consumers in 2022. They want to see brands strive for a fair balance rather than we win, you lose. They are happy for companies to make a profit if they do so not at others’ expense.
  • Self-aware: Emotionally self-aware brands ask searching questions to understand their own real strengths and face up to their weaknesses. Consumers want to see brands show a genuine understanding of themselves.
  • Ethical: Consumers want brands to have principles that align with theirs. Ethical brand-owners are determined to do good and not harm.

Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ said: “Life in 2022 is noisy and unpredictable. Consumers are, quite rightly, pickier than ever about the brands that they engage with, which makes getting close to them vital for sustained business success. 

“Our research has shown that Superior Emotional Capital is vital in driving growth, and we aim to help brands achieve this through our resources and proven methodology.