Most marketers find B2B engagement harder than ever – report

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New research from independent design consultancy The Frameworks has revealed that 73% of marketers said capturing the attention of B2B audiences is harder than it was a year ago, indicating a heightened problem in the B2B landscape.

B2B report 

The report, which surveyed 150 B2B marketers at organisations of more than 500 people, explored the value of great design in the sector and the barriers that prevent B2B marketers from making bolder creative decisions.

The Frameworks also spoke directly to senior marketers to get their personal perspective. 

Based on the insights gained, The Frameworks established five key ways that B2B marketers can reap the rewards of being bolder in their creative approach.

Key findings from the research

Lack of budget

76% of B2B marketers say a lack of investment impacts their effectiveness as a marketer.

Playing it safe 

When it comes to design, 90% of larger organisations (2,000+ employees) said they are more likely to take the safe route than try something different. 

Heightened competition

73% of marketers state that they struggle to capture the attention and engage B2B audiences in comparison to a year ago.

The research findings suggest that B2B marketers know that bold, creative thinking can add value to the business – but that issues like budgetary pressures and the need to hit sometimes arbitrary performance metrics are proving too much of a hurdle when it comes to embracing a design-first culture.

B2B marketing solutions

The report finishes with five pieces of advice for B2B marketers keen to re-engage with their audiences through a greater emphasis on design:

Invest in results

Invest time in defining a set of results and metrics that are meaningful to the business without limiting creative freedom.

Agency partners

Work with strong agencies to help invest and support a bold creative idea.

Seek inspiration

Look at what other companies are doing: educate key stakeholders on what can be achieved through investment in a bold design.

Be risk takers

Don’t underestimate the energy and fun that comes with taking a creative risk.

Learn, grow and evolve

Not every idea is going to work, but don’t be tempted to return to safer options when something doesn’t. Learn from what’s happened and build those insights for the next creative adventure.

Ben Bush, Partner and Head of Strategy at The Frameworks said: “It’s encouraging to see such an appetite for creativity among B2B marketers. 

“And as capturing attention and engaging audiences becomes harder, it’s more important than ever that they address anything that’s stopping them embracing bolder creative decisions. 

“Great design connects at the most human level, and that applies just as much in a B2B environment as it does in any other walk of life.”