Moneysupermarket campaign by UM/NCA shows power of creative media planning


New Commercial Arts, UM, and MoneySuperMarket culminate their election campaign with a final two executions for polling day and election results day.

MoneySuperMarket election campaign

MoneySuperMarket has been running six weeks of tactical ads in response to the election, appearing in the Guardian and Evening Standard, The Rest Is Politics host reads, digitally targeted election coverage online, and Polling station proximity DOOH.

When, now ex-Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the snap election in the rain on 22 May, the New Commercial Arts, UM and MoneySuperMarket team sprang into action with the first reactive press “Things Can Always Get Better”.

They’ve followed this work with six weeks of election content as the nation considered its choices.

Staying apolitical, but relevant, the campaign hit key interest points of public attention.

In the week both parties released their manifestos, MoneySuperMarket released its Five Point Manifesto – “save you money, save you money, save you money, save you money, save you money”.

For the budget statement, “We’ve Saved Britain £1.4billion (now that’s a budget statement)” sat alongside reportage in the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and Metro.

For the debates (“Great Savings, no debate”) interest rate announcements (“Today’s news in your best interest”) and key promises (“One promise that will actually be kept”), the matching statements from MoneySuperMarket sat right alongside key election content.

The work concluded with “Choose wisely” on polling day and “The Nation has decided” as the results were announced today.

Alex King, Creative Director at New Commercial Arts adds: “Clever media buying and contextual copywriting has allowed us to insert the brand into the election conversation, and keep it there – all while working at breakneck speed.”