MOJU refreshes Channel 4 breakfast with idents by Who Wot Why

Mojo still 001

MOJU, the fast-growing UK soft drinks brand is ramping up its mission to feed the nation’s mojo in a six-month sponsorship of Channel 4‘s morning programming with a set of quirky idents.


Since launching its first-ever ATL campaign at the start of this year, MOJU has taken the market by storm.

Inspiring millions of health-conscious consumers to kickstart their day with powerful and nutritious juice shots, it’s become a brand known for its uncompromising approach to quality, potency and powerfully fresh flavours.

The new sponsorship with Channel 4 promises to deliver MOJU’s motivational message and positive impact further than ever.

The 10 punchy idents, sitting exclusively around comedy programming, capture the essence of MOJU’s previous award-winning  ‘Wake Shake Boom’ campaign with an invigorating morning dose of ‘you got this’ energy for Channel 4 viewers.

Developed by Who Wot Why and Merman director Will Clark, with media agency Bicycle, each spot promises to fire up breakfast TV with the unique power of a MOJU shot.

The narrative of the campaign follows a series of quirky characters coming out of cuckoo clocks and being woken up by the punch of MOJU’s juice shots.

Running from 1 August 2023 to 31 January 2024, MOJU’s sponsorship aims to achieve far more than product awareness and broader reach.

As a brand committed to improving the wellbeing of the nation, it presents an opportunity to encourage an easy-to-adopt healthy habit by creating a strong association with the morning occasion.

Rich Goldsmith, Co-Founder & CEO at MOJU, said: “This partnership marks a huge milestone in the MOJU journey. Since day one, we’ve been on a mission to feed the nation’s mojo with a fresh way to kickstart their day.

“Making our shots easily accessible through increased distribution has already fired up our growth, but the visibility and association with Channel 4 Breakfast is where things can get really exciting.

“As well as being on our wavelength from a creative perspective, the strong association with morning routine means we can’t think of a more perfect partnership”

Sean Thompson, Founder and ECD at Who Wot Why, said: “MOJU is a brand that’s packing a powerful punch. Now it’s reaching national audiences through the Channel 4 breakfast sponsorship.

“Our series of idents brings the brand to the masses with an in-your-face gingery wakeup call that no-one’s expecting.” – Sean Thompson, Founder Who Wot Why