MMS, Viaccess-Orca and Equativ partner to connect brands on Shahid

MBC Media Solutions

MBC Media Solutions (MMS) has announced a partnership with Viaccess-Orca and Equativ to empower the monetisation of Shahid, MBC GROUP’s streaming platform.

MMS is the commercial arm of MBC Group, a media company in the Middle East and North Africa.


Shahid is a global Arabic streaming platform offering its 15 million monthly unique viewers globally a wide range of premium content and entertainment across all genres, to cater to every taste out there.

The streaming platform offers brands the opportunity to reach millions of Arabs from all over the world across AVOD (advertising video-on-demand) & SVOD (subscription-based video-on-demand).

As part of the partnership, Viaccess-Orca and Equativ will have access to Shahid’s AVOD inventory outside of GCC and Egypt countries by connecting brands with audiences through its premium content.

Integrating Equativ’s global network will enable global demand from North American and European regions to access Shahid’s reach outside of the GCC and Egypt market, offering them a premium ad experience that is highly visible and brand safe across various devices: connected TV, mobile, desktop and tablet.

This partnership will also cement Equativ’s position as a leading force in this specialised advertising landscape, as it will cater to the surging demand for seamless access to a reservoir of top-tier inventory and facilitate advertisers in effectively pinpointing their desired Arabic-speaking audiences on a global scale.

Commenting on the partnership, Céline Gauthier-Darnis, EVP MENAT APAC at Equativ, said: “As a global organisation, we are committed to providing advertising services across the world.

“With a focus on APAC/MENAT, we want to ensure those services are also expanding to the Arab diaspora in America and Europe.

“By working with partners such as MMS and Viaccess-Orca, we can continue to provide customised content in various languages to cater to this diverse audience, while utilising our proprietary technology to help ensure precise contextual targeting in the appropriate language in order to  drive strong performance and maximise return on investment for our customers.”

Nadim Samara, Chief Operating Officer at MMS, said: “We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Equativ through Viaccess-Orca.

“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to connect brands with audiences through premium content.

“By joining forces with Viaccess-Orca and Equativ, and leveraging the latter’s cutting-edge technology, we are paving the way for brands and clients to access Shahid’s engaged viewers from all corners of the world.”

Sammer Elia, Sales & Business Development Director for MENA at Viaccess-Orca, said: “With targeted TV advertising our objective is to enable content providers to personalise viewers’ experience and thereby drive higher user engagement.

“Our partnership between two experienced technology providers such as Equativ and VO results in an easy, fast, and secure way to address the targeted TV advertising market and generate revenues.”