Mission creates art NFT for clients and friends as Christmas gift

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Global comms company Mission, is taking a novel approach to Christmas cards this holiday season, by creating an NFT (non fungible token).

The company, which is part of Troika Group, is offering friends and clients an NFT which gives them ownership of a work of art by Los Angeles-based artist Claire Salvo.

Mission NFTs

The Mission holiday card NFT offers a stake in an original piece by Salvo that symbolises the joy of the New Year and celebrates all that the agency and its clients have achieved.

Offering the fun and experience of owning an NFT first-hand, Mission is inviting friends to register for a token which they will then be able to keep, trade, sell or gift. 

Their asset backed tokens includes a unique numbered digital copy as well as a fractional share of the original work, which is located in Los Angeles.

Those invited can claim their token on Troika’s NFT marketplace called Redeem, which will automatically create a digital wallet to store the NFT. 

The run of NFTs is limited to those on the agency’s gift list.

Kevin Dundas, Global CEO, Mission said: “We hope our friends have as much fun with this experience as we did putting it together and we wish everyone a wonderful holiday from the entire Troika Group in Los Angeles, New York and London.”

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, bestow ownership of digital properties, whether art works, pieces of music or writing. 

They rose to fame earlier this year when digital artist Beeple sold an NFT for $69m at a Christie’s auction.

The market for NFTs is becoming, despite still being in its early days. Investors in this new market have been attracted by the prospect of owning digital collectables.

Interest was boosted earlier this year when Facebook announced its plans to push ahead with the creation of the Metaverse.

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