MindsEye to build network of home filmmakers with HomeStudio launch


Independent production house MindsEye has launched HomeStudio, a community of home-based filmmakers.

With capacity to produce high quality film content, at a time when larger scale film shoots are not possible, MindsEye has brought together a roster of directors who own their own equipment, DOP’s with studio space, stop frame animators.

In short, HomeStudio has the capacity and the skill set to make high-quality film content for clients, during this time of imposed self-isolation.

HomeStudio during lockdown

Joining forces with MindsEye’s sister company, influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy, HomeStudio is also able to offer influencer content creators from around the world to produce content, working remotely with their own kit to shoot, edit and deliver films.

Hughie Philips, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MindsEye & HomeStudio said: “The reaction to HomeStudio by filmmakers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“People want to work and they want to keep creating. As producers we are adaptable.

“This is by far the biggest challenge we’ve faced as a company and as an industry; we’re keen to find any way possible to keep people busy, working and ensuring great content is being produced.

“HomeStudio is already pitching on several productions, from small to large, including a global campaign with filmmakers from six different countries – and we’ve only just opened.”


Covering the length and breadth of the UK, talent from every corner of the British Isles has come forward to join HomeStudio and work together.

From those already working remotely, to people who are adapting to this new way of life, this collection of filmmakers have the capacity to scale up projects; working from their different parts of the country to fulfil the same brief.

Charlie Philips, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MindsEye & HomeStudio said “It’s amazing what you can achieve in 24 hours of phone calls, connecting like-minded talent who just want to keep working and creating brilliant content.

“We have some incredible people involved; from the husband and wife team bringing their DOP/Directing and food styling talents together, the self-isolating brother and sister (Director and DOP) turning their garage into a studio and a directing duo who live together, who double up as a DP and Art Director in their spare time.


“There’s a real want and need to keep moving forward and I’m not only amazed, but in awe of the energy and positivity that we’ve come across in the last day – it’s a real example of talented folk coming together to make the best of a challenging situation”.

HomeStudio will be run as a white label; a community of filmmakers coming together.

Talent won’t be signed in the traditional sense, such as a roster, instead the studio will offer agencies and brands a collective of talent that will be able to provide the skills and expertise needed to make their creative ideas come to fruition in these difficult times.

As a new offering, the studio is adapting daily to the challenges that the industry are facing, but its adaptable set-up means that it is able to address any scenario, finding solutions to any creative challenges.

Hughie Philips added” “We’d love to hear from more filmmakers who are keen to get involved and of course, we’d love to hear from clients – be it before or after the creative process – HomeStudio would love to help find solutions to your current production problems”.

HomeStudio opens its doors officially today to the industry.

All requests should be directed to Hughie Philips or Charlie Phillips, further details are available here