Meta’s €1.2 billion data fine – comment from Permutive


Earlier this week global social tech giant and Facebook owner Meta was handed a record €1.2 billion fine by the EU for mishandling consumer data.

It came just ahead of the 5th anniversary of the introduction of the Global Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, as it’s better known.

Here, Husna Grimes, VP of Global Privacy at data privacy adtech Permutive gives their reaction to the fine…

Husna Grimes, Permutive

“A few days short of the GDPR’s 5th anniversary, the record fine against Meta sent a very strong message to companies who have been following this case with interest, concerned about their own transfers of personal data to the US.

“The Irish DPC concluded that although Meta Ireland relied on Standard Contractual Clauses in conjunction with supplementary measures to effect transfers of personal data from the EU/EEA to the US following the Schrems II decision, these arrangements were not sufficient.

“The impact on Meta remains to be seen since they will surely appeal the decision. However, the immediate concern for businesses will be whether it is possible to use SCCs to transfer data to the US or any other country.

“With discussions for the new framework for EU – US transfers still ongoing and the challenges we’re already seeing to the proposed framework, there is an urgent need for a lasting and practical solution to regulate international data transfers.

“Data privacy is now non-negotiable because at the centre of any data protection regulation is the consumer.

“Whatever the future of data protection in the UK, EU, and US, it’s the privacy of consumers which should be the first thought behind any decision.”