Met Police launches new anti-robbery campaign by AMV BBDO  

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London’s Met Police has launched a new anti-robbery campaign through AMV BBDO that asks the public to ignore its advertisements.

With eyes glued to phone screens and earphones firmly plugged in, people on a night out in London are sadly more vulnerable to thieves; especially when travelling alone. The same can be applied to people who have just got home after a night out, they may be distracted and not looking around them as they enter their home, meaning that if they were followed then they are a prime target for thieves. One way to stop this from happening is to install monitored alarm systems at entrances and lock the door upon getting in. Thieves are quick and they can get anyone at any time.

Met Police campaign

How to grab the public’s attention whilst asking them to avoid distractions was the campaigns brief and its innate challenge.

AMV BBDO’s response is outdoor, radio and digital ads which remind people to ‘Look up. Look out’.

Targeting the capital’s night time economy and tourists, the campaign encourages people to pay more attention to their surroundings; particularly in the borough of Westminster, where research shows robbery frequency levels are highest, especially in the evenings.

In the digital poster, passers-by are advised: ‘Don’t look at this poster. Look out for thieves instead’.

In the radio ad, listeners are urged to: ‘stop listening to this advert’. Instead, they are told to listen to be aware of their surroundings and keep valuables out of sight.

Mobiles and pubs

The same strategy also runs across a series of mobile ads and venue placements such as bar runners, beer mats and leaflets.

‘We wanted a campaign that wasn’t just the police telling people what to do. This creative has helped us to take a more ‘disruptive’ approach”, Stephanie Day, Head of Marketing at the Metropolitan Police said.

“Combined with our operational police activity and partner work we hope that this campaign will really help us to cut down robbery on London’s streets’.

This campaign will run from 10 February 10, 2020.

The partnerships tier led by 23 Red involves the MET Police working with London venues to remind their customers to engage with their environment. They shouls also avoid distractions when travelling between venues on their night out.

Media is being led by Wavemaker.