MeritB2B partners with Audiencerate to expand EU footprint

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MeritB2B, the US-based B2B data and performance marketing solutions provider, today announced an expanded partnership with Audiencerate, an identity hub based in Europe. 

The partnership enables MeritB2B customers that use the company’s 180byTwo audience solutions to execute programmatic advertising campaigns against EU-based B2B audiences in a way that is streamlined with their current US operations. 

Audiencerate enables EU-based B2B audiences to be pushed through major programmatic exchanges including DV360 and AdForm, expanding the reach of the US firm’s programmatic offering across the EU.


This high-quality offering gives current US MeritB2B customers the ability to expand their use of 180byTwo audience solutions to new territory while maintaining continuity across their media buying approach, measurement and reporting. 

MeritB2B enables US clients to leverage existing performance metrics, which can be extrapolated to new EU audiences.

“Our new partnership with MeritB2B is an exciting development, not just for us, but also for the many US-based enterprise B2B marketers expanding into new territories”, said Filippo Gramigna, CEO at Audiencerate.

Filippo Gramigna, Audiencerate (3)
Exciting development: Filippo Gramigna, CEO at Audiencerate, sees exciting opportunities ahead.


“We are thrilled to support MeritB2B and its clients as they grow their EU-based programmatic presence at such a critical time in ad-tech”.

Eric Shaffer, Chief Product Officer at MeritB2B, said: “We’re excited to strategically expand our offering via our new Audiencerate partnership. 

“As Account Based and B2B marketers grow their use of digital advertising channels, we knew we could best serve our customers by broadening our audience solutions to include the EU”.

Advertisers will be able to reach global 180byTwo audiences through the Google DV360 third-party data open marketplace. 

At the same time, MeritB2B clients will be able to access custom audiences and private deals directly through their Google DSP seat, which will be ready for targeting in just a matter of hours.

180byTwo, a data driven audience solutions company, was acquired by MeritB2B in November 2020.

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