MediaVision launches Metis to redefine the role of SEO


MediaVision, the search performance agency redefining SEO, has announced the launch of a new tech stack called Metis. 

The unified and integrated stack will help redefine the role of SEO, the firm said, revealing its power to drive material business success and ensure its rightful place at the heart of marketing strategy.


The expert search platform, developed in-house, will give client search/marketing teams and their businesses the ability to anticipate and respond to consumer trends four times faster than their competitors, while allowing teams to align organic strategy with search trends through demand-led insight.

The platform, named after Metis, the Greek goddess of ‘good counsel, planning, cunning and wisdom’, is a significant first step in MediaVision’s aim to advance SEO from a set of site hygiene exercises into a central cog in a brand’s digital strategy.

MediaVision Metis will help businesses spot search demand early, thereby optimising onsite revenue and integrating all search marketing channels into one streamlined strategy. 

Additionally, it will also provide a much-needed bridge between SEO, PPC, and wider marketing and merchandising teams for e-commerce, unleashing the potential for insight-led growth in rankings and revenue while helping keep search cannibalisation to a minimum.

At its heart is the delivery of weekly search market insights, giving MediaVision clients a significant advantage over those competitors who rely on standard industry tools which deliver data at a much slower pace. 

MediaVision Metis also provides an unrivalled view into consumer behaviour, as well as being able to perform deep dives into client and sector-specific categories – allowing for actionable insights.

The new product will also deliver daily insight into client website operation, helping teams troubleshoot and optimise performance, and ultimately solve issues by combining this knowledge with search insights – leading to a demand-led focus.

Commenting on the announcement, Louis Venter, MediaVision founder and CEO, said, “Our new Metis platform is designed to be a one-stop-shop delivering crucial insight for SEO experts; the real magic happens at the intersection of technology and people. 

“Metis is at its most powerful as a resource for specialists who have the skill set to act on the insights it delivers, allowing them to plan dynamic strategies for agile business decision-making, aided by the search expertise of MediaVision.

“I also believe that as an industry we need to move on from this idea of SEO as a hygiene factor, as a tactical activity, and see it more as a dynamic growth driver. 

“The insights that Metis offers show that organic should be at the centre of marketing strategy, and not just siloed within SEO teams.

“We encourage our clients to embed it across their marketing, merchandising and buying teams as its output can prove invaluable in driving synergies across the business.

“Few industry-standard tools are equipped to answer the challenge that brands face in today’s highly competitive, fast-moving e-commerce markets, so we decided to build our own and test it with our retail clients. 

“By improving the ability to respond to consumer insight in real time, we’re helping support our clients and their ambitious growth strategies.”

Sam Pennington, Senior SEO Manager at fashion brand New Look, said: “I have been immersed in the development of the MediaVision Metis platform over the last 18 months. 

“During this time, I have helped to refine and enhance the platform to suit our needs. This has ultimately improved our non-brand search visibility significantly. 

“However, more importantly, Metis has become an integral part of the processes, insights and analysis across various internal teams by helping us better understand product performance, customer behaviour with regards to categories and the size and timing of trends. 

“This has helped deliver impressive incremental sales and profit levels and continues to do so.”