Mediastarz: Chris Kemp, Founder and CEO Ingenuity

Chris Kemp 1

How do you make sure you survive a planet-sized curve ball like the coronavirus pandemic? You pivot, of course.

At least that’s how Chris Kemp sees it. And he should know, being the Founder and CEO of independent new business consultancy Ingenuity.

In the first of our Mediastarz filmed interviews, Kemp explains how being flexible is helping his London-based firm retain and even build new business opportunities during these testing times.

He gives an insightful and frank take on how the marketing world is repositioning itself around the virus outbreak; and what agencies and brands might want to be thinking about to ensure they make it through the lockdown.

Of course, in normal circumstances, we would have met face-to-face; but since that isn’t possible right now, we opted for a Zoom chat instead…