Mediashotz launches first OOH campaign thanks to Ocean Outdoor


Advertising, marketing and media content news site Mediashotz has launched a week-long out-of-home campaign with Ocean Outdoor.

The campaign encourages those in the UK content sector to ‘Stay Safe and Keep Creating’. It kicked off on 18 May and runs until 23 May.

Mediashotz OOH

It was only possible thanks to a special £14 million advertising fund created by out-of-home advertising specialist Ocean Outdoor.

Mediashotz was among around 300 small and medium-sized companies to have benefited from the generous Ocean fund.

The nationwide locations were impressive, too. Mediashotz was awarded 10 spots in all, including three each in London and Birmingham, two in Glasgow, and one each in Manchester and Newcastle.

OOH great: Mediashotz on Ocean’s huge out-of-home screens.

In London, the news site was given space in busy locations such as Gypsy Corner, Hammersmith Broadway and The Eastern Lights on the A13 in East London.

Specific locations:

  • Expressway Tower, Glasgow
  • The Crown, Glasgow (Outbound)   
  • Gypsy Corner, London
  • P10, Hammersmith Broadway (Inbound)
  • The Eastern Lights (A13), London
  • The Screen @ Chinatown, Birmingham
  • The M5 Digi-Tower, Birmingham (Eastbound)
  • The M5 Digi-Tower, Birmingham (Westbound)
  • The Screen @ Manchester One (Inbound)
  • The Screen on the Tyne

“We’re really touched and grateful to Ocean Outdoor for helping make this possible” said Mediashotz Founder and Editor, Mark Johnson.

“This pandemic and lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time, especially for us as a new startup.”

“We were also hoping to have advertising sponsors on board by now, but that hasn’t happened for obvious reasons”.

“We’re working for free right now, so being able to access this fund from Ocean has really helped spread our name.”

Johnson revealed that an agency which had offered to design the ad for the campaign had to pull out at the last minute for legal reasons.

The unnamed company had also offered its services for free. However, it was forced to backtrack citing UK laws that prohibited it from helping to ‘grow brands’

In-house creation: Mediashotz had to come up with its own ad in a short space of time.

So the ad was created in-house by Mediashotz, which is also looking for industry leaders to help develop the brand.

Looking for a media champion

“Hopefully, someone will champion us soon and will help get us some sponsorship or ad revenue,” Johnson added.

Last week, media and tech news site, Prolific London, closed down its London operations, citing the coronavirus effect.

Fewer digital news outlets makes it more difficult for small and medium-sized agencies and brands to have their news featured.

“It’s important that smaller agencies and brands, whose creative efforts are often the same of not even better than the big power players, have a place like Mediashotz.

“We love covering their creative endeavours.”