Media experts bet on mobile video and audio amid hybrid lifestyle shift

ias industry pulse report 2022 mobile video

Mobile video growth, social media transparency and trust issues, and the emergence of digital audio will be top considerations for advertisers in the coming year.

That’s according to Integral Ad Science, the global digital media quality company, which has released its 2022 Industry Pulse Report on what trends will lead in 2022.

“2021 has been a year of record-setting growth for the digital media industry, as the ongoing pandemic drove people to over-index on their digital-first lifestyles,” said Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS. 

“As a result, emerging social platforms along with CTV attracted new levels of engagement, while digital audio established itself as a medium to watch in the next twelve months as ad models standardise.”

Key priorities guiding the year ahead:

Mobile video rises as consumers go hybrid

As more consumers shift from remote work to hybrid lifestyles, mobile video streaming is on the rise and 86% of media experts see it as a key opportunity in the year ahead. 

ias industry pulse report 2022 mobile momentum
On the up: Mobile video is on the rise, but there are challenges to face.

However, with this growth, the threat of ad fraud looms large over mobile campaigns.

Some 77% of respondents agree that ad fraud will be a greater concern across mobile environments in the coming year.

Consumer trust and transparency questions sway social budgets 

Social ad spend continues to rise, with some platforms celebrating big wins; the number of media experts expecting to invest in TikTok nearly doubled year-over-year to reach 40%. 

Still, 79% of respondents say that ad fraud is a top concern for their campaigns. Experts also pointed to eroding consumer trust, with 60% citing this as a key factor in adjusting spending for 2022. 

Yet, more social platforms have opened up to media quality and verification providers, with advertisers seeing the progress; 56% of respondents said they are likely to adjust social media ad spend due to insufficient media quality metrics in 2022, down from 59% in 2021.

CTV primed for innovation 

CTV and other digital video streaming options will continue their meteoric rise; 76% of those surveyed expect consumer uptake of video streaming to remain strong even if COVID-19 restrictions fully lift in the next 12 months.

 In fact, 82% of respondents agreed that the shift away from linear TV towards digital video alternatives will accelerate and nearly half (46%) said CTV and digital video hold the most potential for innovation in 2022.

Digital audio ready to take off

Audiences continue to flock to digital audio, following recent growth as listeners searched for new sources of entertainment while at home during the pandemic. 

ias industry pulse report 2022 digital audio
“Ziggy played guitar” – audience interest in digital audio will grow into 2022.

With the growing popularity of digital audio, 75% of respondents expect ad investments to expand in 2022 to match consumer adoption of audio streaming. 

However, 27% of media experts think that digital radio will face serious challenges across the media industry in the next 12 months — more than doubling since 2021. 

Ultimately, 81% of Industry Pulse respondents agreed that third-party verification will be important to ensure the quality of this inventory.

The IAS Industry Pulse Report provides insight into the emerging trends and priorities that will drive change in digital advertising in 2022. 

The results are based on the responses of US digital advertising professionals representing brands, agencies, publishers, and ad tech vendors in November 2021.

IAS surveyed more than 200 US digital media experts in its study.