MassiveMusic, Media.Monks set to ‘unMMMMute’ Cannes Lions

'unmmmmute' by massivemusic media.monks

To make up for ‘lost years’ (due to the pandemic) MassiveMusic and Media.Monks are set to ‘unMMMMute’ the 2022 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity when they return for their infamous annual party.  

‘UnMMMMute’, this year’s party theme, is an invitation to free ourselves from video calls, turn up the volume and give virtual connections an IRL upgrade.


The concept revolves around all the times we’ve heard, or pronounced, the words ‘I think you’re on mute’. 

To dispel the frustration of ‘calls that could have been an email’ and celebrate the return to the dance floor, the two companies welcome the creative, advertising and branding industries to finally unMMMMute themselves.

Although the tickets are invite-only, the related website is open to the public as an extension of the theme and is filled with some of the most popular office quotes since 2020. 

Viewers can download screensavers and animated backgrounds for their video calls, with the music of the animation taking inspiration from the UI SFX from Slack, Teams, Meet and Zoom.

Hans Brouwer, Founder of MassiveMusic, said: “We’re back in full force. I was so looking forward to this moment! 

“For this special occasion, we encourage our invitees to enjoy the little big things in life – we will be celebrating on the beach of the beautiful French Riviera, so even the simple act of dancing with your feet in the sand will feel revolutionary.”

Victor Knaap, co-founder & CEO EMEA at Media.Monks said: “In today’s world, personal connection is more important than ever. 

“We’re happy to connect people during this iconic event, and to bring it back to the place where we once started, the beach.”

MassiveMusic, which continues to expand its global footprint after being acquired by Songtradr Group exactly one year ago, will also take this opportunity to be at a collateral event hosted by VaynerMedia to discuss the rise of sonic branding and how brands can embrace the power of sound on TikTok.

The ‘UnMMMMute’ party opens its doors to IRL attendees 22 June, 9pm, at La Mandala Beach Club, Bd de la Croisette, Cannes.