Marla Aaron launches cute festive campaign by Something Different

Marla Aaron Holiday campaign 2020

From across the Atlantic, New York City-based jewellery brand Marla Aaron has launched the cutest piece of holiday content, created by Brooklyn-based full-service agency, Something Different.

We’re used to our bling brand ads being sultry, moody and sophisticated affairs, but this creative breaks the mould in a unique, fun and refreshing nod the the crazy year we’ve all just experienced.

The piece was conceived for social sharing, by New York-based stop motion artist and illustrator Taili Wu, known as Monster Shaper.

Marla Aaron on point with style

The creative approach both celebrates the joy of jewellery and marks the trials and tribulations faced by people forced to stay at home by the pandemic that has affected all of us this year.

With its hand-crafted feel and quirky tone and style, this content is also a break with traditional jewellery marketing characterised by airbrushed people selling shiny things – an approach perfectly aligned with the brand’s rebellious approach since launch in 2012.

Marla Aaron, Founder of Marla Aaron Jewelry, said: “We decided to ‘humanise’ the Locks this year. For me they have always had personalities, so I wanted to see them do human things–be silly because we need silly now more than ever.

“We partnered again with Something Different to help us and they found the extraordinarily talented Tai Li Wu to realise this sketchy dream into a fully actualised “storyland” of our locks–giving them each distinctive personality quirks.

“It was a way for us to put something joyful into the world.”

Tommy Henvey, Co-founder & Chief Creative at Something Different, said: “It’s always so much fun to work with Marla, but having the chance to do something like this when the whole world is kind of sideways was an absolute dream.”