Marketing sector needs to do more to attract talent


The data and marketing industry must do more to attract the right talent, according to over half (55%) of the senior marketing professionals who judged the DMA Awards 2019.

DMA Awards

Most marketing professionals surveyed in the ‘DMA Awards Judges Survey 2019′ agree that the industry that can offer those that choose a career within it a unique opportunity to be ‘Creative’ (72%), ‘Curious about customers’ (66%) and ‘Smart data’ (65%). They could consider using a Headhunting service in order to attract the best talent, while emphasising the above pointers about the industry to really help entice those looking for work to consider data and marketing as an option for them.

By embarking on a career within the industry, ambitious data and marketing professionals have a real chance to ‘Develop multiple skillsets (68%), ‘Be creative every day’ (67%) and have a ‘Strong focus on innovation’ (59%).

Almost all (99%) marketers surveyed believe that recognising and rewarding talent is important for the industry to retain talent.


Those surveyed also felt this should take a variety of forms and cover a range of areas, including ‘Creativity’ (77%), ‘Diversity & inclusivity’ (72%), ‘Leadership’ (71%) and ‘Being a role model’ (66%).

Lack of opps

However, despite the clear importance of the issue felt by most marketers, they report just half (51%) of their organisations currently have any form of internal opportunities or initiatives in place to reward the great talent they already have.

These vary from formalised awards and rewards schemes, to ad hoc feedback and recognition.

“Attracting and retaining talent is clearly one of the most important issues affecting the data and marketing industry”, said Kate Burnett, General Manager of DMA Talent.

“Our industry offers a range of unique opportunities and skills for talent to develop throughout their careers but businesses must do more to retain their loyalty through incentives like rewards of initiatives that recognise their abilities”.

Burnett added: “This is all part of a wider issue where the data and marketing industry must start to showcase its best features to attract and retain the best talent.

“To help raise awareness to students and young professionals, DMA Talent work closely with educators, businesses, charities and the public sector to ensure we are able to attract enthusiastic individuals, who have a real desire to thrive in one of the many diverse roles that the industry has to offer.”