‘Made by Choice’ campaign by 72andSunny addresses US anti-abortion debate


A new campaign called ‘Made by Choice’ aims to demonstrate the reality of life without choice and to reframe the meaning of ‘pro-life’ by targeting those who support restricting reproductive healthcare options.

‘Made by Choice’

‘Made by Choice’ is the work of global creative company, 72andSunny, in partnership with Wisp, the largest sexual and reproductive telehealth company in the US; the Abortion Freedom Fund, which helps finance telehealth abortions nationwide; Plan C, an evidence-based information campaign for abortion pill access; Stix, the vaginal and reproductive health brand; Mayday, an education campaign on how to access abortion pills in states without clinics; and period product brand, August.

These organisations were compelled to take collective action after last year’s United States Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade – ending all federal protections for abortions, while deepening the political divides on this topic.

As a result, discourse between both sides is almost impossible, with many Americans existing in bubbles which limit exposure to differing views.

To counter this, the ‘Made by Choice’ campaign aims to reach anti-choice audiences via a film which drives home the message that there is no life if people don’t have the right to choose.

Audiences are used to having the choice to skip ads on YouTube. 72andSunny plays into that expectation with this campaign by using the skippable ad format ahead of traditionally ‘anti-choice’ content.

The catch is that the film begins with the message that if they hit the skip button, free abortion care will be provided to someone who is in need.

Those who choose to stay will see a film demonstrating how the choice to end unwanted pregnancies isn’t anti-life – it actually saves couples, families and dreams; the essence of life.

It ends by directing viewers to a dedicated campaign website, where they can learn more about reproductive care and how to access resources.

‘Made by Choice’ breaks today (20 June) and runs for two weeks, with YouTube’s metrics recording the number of skips, ensuring that an accurate number of donations of free medical abortions can be made.

Elaine Cox, Executive Creative Director at 72andSunny, said: “We’re a year into the decision to overturn Roe. Lines have been drawn. And it’s hard to get a word in when discussing polarising topics if you don’t already believe the same thing.

“So everyone retreats to their own corners; trapped in an echo chamber of their own making; never to reach out to the other side.

“But when we put up walls between ourselves and those with opposing beliefs, they exist in a vacuum of information and we let them make assumptions about reproductive healthcare and the reasons people need it.

“This campaign is designed to force us together for just a moment, reopen the lines of communication, and share the life changing and life saving power of access to abortion care.”

Monica Cepak, Chief Marketing Officer at Wisp, said: “As we approach one year since Roe vs. Wade was overturned, it’s imperative to continue elevating these conversations.

“This coalition with 72andSunny and fellow reproductive health leaders furthers our commitment to democratising access to safe and affordable healthcare options.”

Christie Pitney, Executive Director at Abortion Freedom Fund, said: “The Dobbs decision last June deepened the divide between people who are pro-abortion and those who are anti-abortion or ‘pro-life.’

“Roe was intended to protect access to abortion throughout the country, but we know that access has not been a reality for many states and historically marginalised communities for years.

“We now have the opportunity to completely reimagine what abortion access looks like in this country.

“By calling people in and offering this creative dialogue of the ‘Made By Choice’ campaign, we can highlight that the pro-abortion movement truly is pro-life and works toward accessible reproductive health and abortion care for all.”

Phase two of the campaign will be aimed at pro-choice audiences, inviting them into the conversation, with the aim of driving more donations for Abortion Freedom Fund.