MAD//Fest Murmers – Day 1


It’s MAD//Fest time in London again and this year ‘Fortune favours the Bold’, so we’ve got our friends in high places with their ears to the ground and listening to what people are talking about off the stage and on the floor in Brick Lane this week.

Feel free to send over your ‘overheard’ adtech, media, marketing and creative nuggets over the next few days.

Here’s just some of the MADFest Murmers being reported back to us so far..

Data Privacy

Taking action on privacy-first, user-first in digital advertising: exploring the innovative approaches in which we can prepare for a world without third-party cookies. One of these being Utiq’s work with telcos.

“Putting the user first and respecting consent and privacy to create a safer data ecosystem” said UTIQ’s Sara Vincent.

“Telcos are essential to the everyday, our services are built on trust.” said Vodafone’s Nikos Vlachopoulos.

Attention in adland

The next steps for attention: last year the headline was “more is more” in the attention space, but this year it’s about how much attention is actually needed depending on your brand’s intended outcomes.

Attention seeking: Getting the attention balance right.

Sales must haves

Attributes you need to have to be in sales: 1. empathy (everyone has a marketing challenge, so you need to try to understand what that is) 2. active listening (not just listening), 3. persuasion (we love these).

Female leaders

Female Leaders’ Club: Championing females and encouraging allies in the advertising space.

Age isn’t a limiting factor to success: There is no age lead, and no age to leap. If you have a comfort zone, definitely step out of it. Believe more in what YOU can do.

Trust a great team from day one – you can’t do it all yourself.

Women in work: Building confidence for female leaders across the industry.

Women in sales

What is stopping women getting into sales? In digital advertising, there is a good representation of women – Google says there are currently 45% women.

But, if you drill down into sales roles, this ratio drops off a cliff. Why? Because there is more pressure and generally less flexibility offered than women in need in the role.

It requires skills that women don’t necessarily see reflected in their personality. In reality, women possess soft skills such as asking the right questions at the right time in order to solve problems quickly – we just need to champion this.


Diversity in leadership: We need more of this, and we all need to challenge this where we see it. After all, white males in leadership will feed off ideas from other white males in leadership and so nothing will ever change unless we call it out.

If you don’t have the confidence to do it, get a mentor, so you can bounce ideas off them first.