MAD//Fest Murmers – Day 2


Day two of MAD//Fest London and we wondered how long before retail media would simmer its way to the top of the chatter pile, and quite right too.

Here’s what we were all chatting about on our way to the next presentations, meetings and, oh yes, those wonderful foodie folks…

MAD//Fest London – 3 July

Retail Media

The masses have all agreed that retail media is one of the hottest topics of MAD//fest this year.

Tips from today’s packed session? Collaboration over competition to enhance retail media and continue to push it to the next level.

Accessibility in Advertising

Around 2.5 million people will have some form of hearing loss by 2050 – how do advertisers plan to address this? Subtitles, products built with accessibility in mind, and accessibility in front and behind the camera should all be priority for brands and advertisers.

Burnout to Bliss

Celeb Ferne McCann pointed out that you can turn your trauma into transformation. Mental health is not a linear journey, but something that needs to be built into everyday routines and life.

Don’t lose sight of customers

Everything we do in advertising, and especially in retail, has to be around consumers. If it doesn’t work for the customer, there is no future.

Can AI help women integrate into stereotypically male spaces

There is an AI FIFA board member with a female persona that is now sharing her views and feedback with the men in the room.

Women have collectively shared thoughts and ideas to feed their input into the AI to guide FIFA’s decisions and give a woman’s point of view