Lupin poster campaign by Jellyfish literally steals the show


Global digital marketing house Jellyfish created a striking and characterful poster campaign for the third season of popular Netflix series Lupin.

The eagerly awaited new series is set to capture the attention of millions of viewers who closely followed the first two seasons, chronicling the adventures of Assane Diop, a modern-day Arsène Lupin.

The poster campaign nods to Lupin, the renowned gentleman thief, whose misdeeds subtly appear on the various posters and which went live on 27 September ahead of the new series release date on 5 October.

Jellyfish said the poster campaign celebrates the return of the legendary thief, with Netflix once again showcasing its daring creativity through a poster campaign that mirrors the subtlety and style of its iconic character.

The Jellyfish campaign comprises four images where jewels have been stolen—naturally, by Assane Diop.

The only clues to his activities are the tan lines left behind from the missing jewellery.

This audacious campaign, which cleverly nods to top-end jewellery aesthetics, was displayed throughout Paris starting on 27 September, cheekily including locations near some of the city’s most prominent luxury brand stores.

Season 3 is already proving a hit, but what of the future of the show itself?

Lupin Writer and co-Creator, George Kay, remained tight-lipped on whether we will see a season 4.

Speaking to the Radio Times earlier this month, Kay said: “It’s a very open ending (for season 3), and it’s obviously left with lots to explore and lots of questions about who was behind what and how did this all happen”.

“It’s the equivalent of, ‘What we’ve just been through for seven hours, is that really what just happened?’ Which feels good.”